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    [QUESTION] How to get started with oUF?

    Hello folks!

    I always wanted to get into oUF, since I'm very intrigued by the possibilities, but I never could get started with it, sadly. I also looked into already done layouts, but I got a bit confused, since those are filled with extra functions etc.

    So my question is: How do i get started wit oUF? Are there any up-to-date tutorials?

    Thing is that I can read and understand Lua code, but not write it myself (wierd, i know), but i see it more as a challenge as a disadvantage or a problem.

    I already thank you for reading and responding to my newbish question

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    There are some tutorials but afaik all of them are outdated. But you could still learn some basic stuff from them.
    Layouts like oUF Simple(it has a great documentation btw) or oUF P3lim are very good for beginners because the code is very easy to read and understand.
    Wowprogramming is another useful source.
    I would recommend Notepad++ to edit/write the code.

    I think the best way to get started is just by doing it . Get oUF Simple f.e. and just try stuff. If you like specific things from one layout just get it and try to implement it.
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