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    Maybe if they used staves the way Taran'zhu did in the Pandaria cinematic, sure. God knows monks don't use them for anything...

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    I would be down for a bō staff or a Katana spec. Unrealistic but dream weapon would be a kusarigama, it would be awesome if they could utulize both the sickle and the weight along with the chain. I would imagine it would use the combo builders with the weight and the sickle for finishers.

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    Rogue with a 2H would be amazing, but it should be locked to Polearms / Poleaxe / Spears / Staves.

    Unfortunately it will never happen, if it does it would be like 3 expacs from now.
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    Reminds of the old Japanese ninja movies. Too costly for Blizzard, they are becoming too greedy.

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    Thunderfury is close enough to a 2 hander for me, it's larger then a lot of 2 handers in game anyways

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    I don't mean to change a spec gameplay wise but to change the weapon it uses, it will add some visual variety.
    don't get your hopes up but rogue iconic weapon are daggers so i don't think there will be a two hand spec you can use one handed weapons in conjunction with daggers. though assassination is limited to using daggers. in vanilla rogue had many weapon choices to choose from with playing the given spec of your choosing. all that has been limited to the spell book and your choice for weapon at lower levels so all this in mind i guess you could choose to have a custom geared duel.

    the artifact is 110 any 100 weapons and below could be used.

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    using a twohander mainhand and a dagger offhand i like this idea.

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    No, but I would kill for a Ranged Rogue specc. I don't see why not, either a gunslinger specc (revamp outlaw) or maybe a "throw-knife or shuriken" specc of some kind.

    After all, Hunter got a Melee specc, why can't Rogue get a ranged one?
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    2handed spec, poisons and vials...Just play witcher 3. It only misses stealth and things like Sap, but it's a fair trade. You aren't a stealthy ninja with something coffin-sized on your back
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    It forces you to double tap. that's it. It's a great change.
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    It's just so you can say you tapped something twice that day.

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    Not interesting to me and I don't think it really works with the class fantasy.

    I'd rather see a fully ranged spec (pistols, bow, or shurikens even) if they were going to try new things with the class. I feel like something like that would be more in line with the rogue archetype used in WoW.
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    Only if it was 2 hands on a bow.......
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    The only weapon I possibly ever see them adding to the rogue arsenal is the warglaives, simply to make loot drops on ML less bloated, especially if you don't have DH's in the group. I don't see why they'd make us start encroaching on plate dps / tank weapons when we already have a (basically) unique to us weapon.

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    Thunderfury is close enough to a 2 hander for me, it's larger then a lot of 2 handers in game anyways
    They look awesome on my gnome lol
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