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    Quote Originally Posted by Charge me Doctor View Post
    There is a button for "don't put me with this guy in matches please" next to report, i usually use both
    Wait for real ? Anyways I waited a few mins for the troll to get his match (and doom another player's games)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FelPlague View Post
    my recording softwar doesent pick up audio, and sadly i was checking out royalty free music on the youtube editor, it auto added it and i couldent remove it...
    btw this was after the medic cried about me the abathur refusing to go into teamfights, use abilities, or fight creeps or heros (they thought i was afk...)
    That Sylvanas kill , AND THAT "fuck you medic" xD Subscribed it

    Yeah once someone starts to cry in Chat I usually either block or just play around them in the chat , making them look like obvious trolls to get reported by the rest of the team8s ...
    2Pac Forever !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahhdurr View Post
    Blizzard is stupid because they almost never offer the bonus xp to random select characters. This would fix most of QM problems.
    Which is a shame because I almost EXCLUSIVELY use random.
    There is a thin line between not knowing and not caring, and I like to think that I walk that line every day.

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