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    I think a mechanic more similar to thermal void ice mage on live now would be beneficial; Instead of having damage ramp up over time in void form, just let it give a flat bonus instead. We would be fighting to keep void form up as long as possible to increase the overall up time of the buff.

    This way, damage isn't loaded in the back end of void form, and void form won't scale out of control if someone somehow manages to keep it on for 30s+

    For now, I'm setting my mind on druid; 2-3 dots + built in baseline dot + good aoe + decent single target + instant cast spenders + heals; seems like everything a shadow priest aims to be honestly. What i'd miss though is the shadow priest's old god theme and "body and soul".

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    @Felfuhrer i don't want CS either, i don't even want voidform at all, but it is something that would make voidform actually be worthwhile until the remake. The blizz way now is to just give classes a CS, almost every class has one now, ours had too much ramp up and it's now completely removed, removing any reason to be in voidform at all. You only care about the eruption now, we are by blizz own admission broken on release because of this, all this would be is a simple band aid to make the spec somewhat passable until the rework.

    @Ransen that is my point, make mass hysteria a flat dmg % boost, or a decent start point and have it increase as stacks go up. Either way it's still colossus smash. If it had an extra few stacks on it's not game breaking, we won't be seeing amything like minute long void forms anymore so a decent 20/30% then anything between 0.5 - 2% per stack makes it not a generic CS and emphasise the fact you WANT to be in voidform for as long as possible.

    Right now i was planning assassination rogue but honestly not even sure i will bother anymore, the whole releasing an expansion with unfinished classes thing really disgusts me, it was the one thing you could never bash blizzard on and what they built their rep on, only releasing a product when it is 100% done. BFA class design has totally scrapped that.
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    As "unique" and "fun" as voidform is, it should be made into it's own standalone Cooldown. We use insanity as a build/spender resource which should closely resemble the mechanics of how our orbs used to work and use Void Bolt as the spender instead of devouring plague(DP can replace VB if need be). Once you use Void Form it acts as a similar way as it does currently where we must fight to stay in VF as long as possible.

    The rest of the spec's talents should be reworked accordingly and play similar to MoP-WoD era Shadow.

    I can understand change is inevitable but sometimes change for the sake of change or tryin to continue something that is inherently isn't working are very bad signs.

    I never had a "true" Main in all my time with wow but ever since I played it in MoP I never looked back. I never thought Blizz could do any wrong and could only improve upon the spec just like many spec's right now in BFA that seem very familiar but have enough changes to make it refreshing.

    IDK WTF happened to shadow. And though I do like the new aesthetics, animations and sounds currently. The gameplay is completely disconnected and only fuels our frustrations.

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    Speaking mainly from a PvP perspective, but it will affect Shadow's quality of life significantly for both instances of play. Baseline damage needs to be competent enough on it's own without any stupid ramp-ups, etc -- after all, dots by their very nature work as ramp-up already ). The rotation needs to be more fluid. We need tools.

    Right now, Shadow Priest is like my retarded cousin. Let's call him Bob. Bob likes to drink a whole can of paint. Bob knows it pains him to do so, but it's his only way of having fun - after all, drinking paint has been Bob's pastime for the past 2 years now. We don't want to be like Bob. We want to function like normal human beings in a society, where everyone has assets and does their part. Bob thinks doing his part is beating the high score on Simon. Bob says he can get the job done too. We all know what happens to him. Bob. He gets beaten by the stick. See, Bob has a fucked up wheelchair to go with that. And Bob has no way of stopping the beatings as he tries to crutch his retarded ass towards the goal. The kids laugh at him. They throw rocks at him.

    Bob is EXACTLY the kind of person Mr. Blizzard should listen to, and not just listen, but take under his wing. Mr. Blizzard should feed Bob some medicine and heal his rock and stick-beaten bruises. First and foremost, he needs to take Bob's fucking wheelchair away and force Bob to walk. So Bob can feel normal. What kind of a Bob doesn't want to ?

    Maybe, just maybe... put Voidform on a 2 minute cooldown, and have it act as an ability amplifier ? Surrender to madness could become baseline and be the Voidform triggering cooldown without penalties. You could cast while moving, and gain 100% more insanity. It could last 12-15 seconds.

    Examples of amplifying abilities during Voidform :
    Shadow Word: Pain turns in to Devouring Plague -- an amplified dot, dealing significantly higher damage and healing the caster for certain % of total hp per tick . You could also time the cast right before VF ends and keep it rolling for the duration. Not recastable after VF ends, though.

    Mind Flay turns in to Void Torrent ( talent removed ), dealing damage as if caster has 100 insanity ( +% modifier ). Stops dot duration for the cast, then resumes after. Can only be cast once per Voidform.

    Mind Sear could stop draining insanity for the duration altogether, making it a viable AoE-nuke CD.

    Mind Blast could have it's CD reduced by half, and reduce it's cast time to 1s, also affecting GCD ( so haste capping won't become an issue - no lower than 0.5s though ).

    Void bolt would stay the same as is, a simple additional instant ability to use during Voidform, which would hit hard.

    Insanity would be used as a resource for mind flay / sear to burn targets. The damage would multiply based on insanity, and it would drain everything you have over the course of the cast ( possibly saving some with talents ).

    The gameplay core would not suffer a great deal from not being able to constantly cast 100 insanity flays. It is an extra tool to deal burst damage that you can reliably build up, but won't punish you in case you need to move or get interrupted or cc'd. Ideally you'd be able to get 100 insanity every few seconds ( anywhere from 5 to 10 ), with the ability to dispense it even at say 20 or 30 insanity. It gives you control to burst targets exactly how you want or need to -- requiring you to still set up for it first.

    Because you can get an empowered flay off every 5-10 seconds, it ensures that you can't do brain damage-quality plays. It simply won't be enough on it's own like that. Setting up, sure. Using it every chance you get - For PvE ? Why not. Consistency is key. PvP ? You'll be told to uninstall the game.

    You could still of course cast them at low insanity levels, but their function would not be front-loaded burst. Flay would work as an excellent peel, doing some consistent damage to help rot away targets. Sear would still do respectable AoE damage ( at least with my envisioned coefficients ) and be useful in PvP as well for breaking stealth / meld.

    There could be a talent in place of one of the shitty ones that just got deleted by these suggestions -- for example, to reduce the insanity drained using flay / sear.

    You'd fill insanity using other dps abilities. Insanity will deplete out of combat similar to other resource mechanics. The insanity generating numbers and drain can be adjusted very easily for it to be balanced.

    How about adding back some actual abilities ? Because fuck pruning.
    I don't mean damage abilities. We have enough of those already ( minus SW: D ). Shadow has practically nothing else but abilities they can use for a 123 PvE rotation.

    Things Shadow needs back :
    Fade : Removes all snares in addition to threat reduction. 15/25 second cooldown.
    Prayer of Mending : Instant cast with 10s CD. Takes you out of shadowform.
    Spectral Guise : Why was this removed in the first place ?
    Angelic Feather : Back to 70% movement speed increase.
    Shadow Word: Death : ONE charge. 5 second cooldown. Make it actually do worthwhile damage to work as an execute. AND, make it do backlash damage at you again ( talented, the backlash could deal -30% less damage against you ), if it fails to kill the target.
    The gameplay is so mindnumbingly one-dimensional without something so simple as this. The backlash was our bread and butter utility to break CC and I feel it is the most unique quality that made priests stand out from everyone else.

    Things Shadow needs adjusted :
    Psychic Horror : Baseline. Also disarms the target.
    Fear : 30sec CD and 6s duration instead of 1 min and 8s duration.
    Dispersion : Back to 90% Damage reduction, on a baseline 1.25min CD.
    Power World Shield : Actually make it absorb damage like it used to.
    Shadowfiend : Back when it was actually a good cooldown, it did good damage and returned significant amounts of resources. Make it hurt again and let it recover insanity a fair deal.
    Remove mindbender. I don't understand why we have a talent for that in the first place.
    Mass Dispel : Reduce the cast time to 0.5s and either remove the cooldown or the mana cost. It's a fucking joke of an ability now.
    Mind Blast : 2 charges baseline. Higher damage modifiers.

    Also, BOTH mobility and survivability need a boost. PoM as an instant with a good PW:S should do wonders. Mobility in the form of 70% runspeed feather is survivability in itself when you can use distance to your advantage. Shadowmend needs to do the same amount of healing as all other hybrids are doing right now.

    Damage modifiers need to be heavily adjusted. Especially dot damage. What's the point of even casting VT on an enemy after a thousand jukes and CC and then get it off just for it to tickle him ? Just... why ? When the dots hit hard, it forces the enemy comp to play with that in mind. You can't just fucking tunnel the priest behind a pillar away from your healer because you will die. Horribly.

    I mean, how fucking hard can it be to figure this out ? Thing is, I listed pretty much what we USED TO HAVE. And back then, everything worked just fine. We had flaws, but that is the intent. I would not include Angelic Feather, but we need something to even the field with the amount of mobility melee has nowadays. Right now they can sit on us 24/7.

    There are a thousand more improvements that come to mind ( such as being able to use mind flay on the move through a talent or shadow crash having a knockback on hit ), but even the bare basics such as these would be a good start.
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    Furiously spam clicking the new Blue post regarding Shadow priests, it loads up and......

    While Its understandable we have emotional investments in our class, its important to be adhering to forum guidelines. Please avoid using abusive language.

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    Pff i wanna see a shadow version of bus shock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Makalu View Post
    Reading through your post on your proposed revisions to Shadow, I think you missed one important thing. You propose turning Flay/Sear into insanity spenders, but if that's the case then it's going to be very difficult/annoying to cap insanity because we have no other spammable abilities. Mind Blast has a cooldown, and you don't really want to be casting DoTs on a target that already has them. What would our filler be with your design?

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    Id like to come back and play my Shadow Priest but each time they give us hope its quickly taken away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clearcut View Post
    Furiously spam clicking the new Blue post regarding Shadow priests, it loads up and......
    At least we know the blues have noticed this post now

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    How is shadow in beta/prepatch atm?

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