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    I did not say that PvE cannot exist I said that PvE benefits do not justify changes which ruin the most legendary and iconic PvP spec and class of all time.

    I have nothing against PvE, I was a raider for years. I have everything against the small group of elitist PvE players who insist that PvP does not matter at all, those jerks who are so greedy that having 2/3 great Rogue PvE specs isn't enough, they need to ruin the greatest PvP spec in WoW history so that it can be theirs too. These people are the elitist jerks. All I want is to continue loving the spec that I have played since 2004.

    And for the love of god, nobody cares that you were a Gladiator 10 years ago so why do you always mention that fact in every single argument about PvP? Nobody cares. I'm a BC glad also but you don't see me bringing it up in every discussion, because it doesn't mean anything at all. What have you done in PvP since then? Absolutely nothing, that's what. You have no idea at all what you are talking about so you would do well to keep your completely ignorant and uninformed by experience opinion to yourself.

    Oh btw 1. apply shiv snare 2. gouge 3. get to LoS. If you don't have gouge in that situation you just get spammed with Chains of Ice, Slow, or any host of other abilities which prevent you from getting away. Gouge is actually an amazing ability and you're completely ignorant if you think it would be a wasted PvP talent. Would it be used by RMP/RMD? lol no. Would it be used by other Rogue comps like RPS, dancing with the stars, or smokebomb cleave? Uh, yes, rofl. Gouge is an amazing and useful ability in a variety of situations (great for baiting zerker from a warrior when you want to fear them, to name 1 example randomly off the top of my head), and only the ignorant and inexperienced would suggest otherwise.

    As for getting CC'd in my Dance, of course nobody plays perfectly but on the rare occasion where I do get outplayed I give respect to the other player for capitalizing on my failure to cover Dance properly. Only noobs run to the forums to cry "oh no I got CCd on my Dance this spec is designed badly!" Go play another spec then. There are dozens of others which aren't so reliant on burst windows. That has been the identity of Subtlety PvP for a very long time, it's what the spec is all about. I've never once cried about that and anyone who has ought to be ashamed of themselves. I think it was awesome, fun, and unique, and there are tons of people who agree with me, and none of us deserved to lose our spec just so that the rest of you could get a 3rd one to play that's more homogenized and similar to all the other specs in the game.
    for a rogue the rogue abilities should be better cc than other classes ranged cc. they got way too much cc. like having more rogue means you got more cc. i think other classes ranged cc should get trimmed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowslim View Post
    So weapon dmg is obsolet now for Assa?
    Quote Originally Posted by tru View Post
    So I noticed on one of those might be the first alpha build there was some weapon damage modifiers and now I'm seeing more attack power based so is everything going to attack power now?

    tldr: All abilities for all melee now scale with ap and weapon dps. So weapons will mean more for assassination than pretty much ever. It's alpha so things could change but as is weapons will be equally important to all melee specs in bfa.
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