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    Battle for Azeroth Allied Races - Void Elves Preview

    Allied Races - Void Elves
    During the final push against the Legion on Argus, Alleria Windrunner learned to harness the void without falling to madness by her mentor The Locus-Walker. The Void has a reputation for corrupting those who use it, but Alleria has since managed to train a group of outcasted Blood Elves to resist it as well. She and her followers have joined her husband to fight for the Alliance.

    Unlocking the Void Elves
    To unlock the Void Elves Allied Race, the following achievements must be completed on one character on your account. Once done, you can begin a short questline to actually unlock the race. You will then be able to make a Void Elf on any server that you have a 110 character provided you have purchased Battle for Azeroth.

    The Void Elves Allied Race can be any of these classes:

    • Hunter
    • Mage
    • Monk
    • Priest
    • Warrior
    • Rogue
    • Warlock

    The Void Elf racial abilities give you reduced shadow damage taken, ability empowerment, reduced void storage/transmog prices, no spell casting delays from damage and a teleport.

    The Void Elf racial mount is the Starcursed Voidstrider. It is usable by all Alliance races upon completion of Allied Races: Void Elf.

    Those that follow the void tend to prefer the companionship of a steed without form or substance.

    Heritage Armor
    If you level to 110 without a boost, you will be awarded with Heritage of the Void.

    Level Type Slot Name Model Viewer
    1CosmeticHead Ren'dorei Helm
    1CosmeticShoulders Ren'dorei Pauldrons
    1CosmeticChest Ren'dorei Mantle
    1CosmeticWaist Ren'dorei Belt
    1CosmeticLegs Ren'dorei Leggings
    1CosmeticFeet Ren'dorei Boots
    1CosmeticWrists Ren'dorei Bracers
    1CosmeticHands Ren'dorei Gloves

    Void Elves have an into cinematic.

    Jokes, Flirts, and VO
    You can hear the Void Elf Allied Race Jokes, Flirts, and other VO in the video below.

    The Void Elves offer a variety of faces, hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors and facial hair/features. You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.



    Hair Color

    Facial Hair/Features

    Skin Colors

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    They should have made the void wing looking things a cape slot item instead of the set having an actual cape.
    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius
    Alas, sweet prince! You hath received thine own ass handed to ye.

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    Male Void Elf Hairstyles are god awful.

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    Insanely op racials for pvp.
    Guess alliance will once again be the best pvp-faction.

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    “Outcast blood elves” because they were allready insane, and none if the old high elves wanted anything to do with that crap.

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    They are gorgeous. Guess I'll have to level once again.

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    All I have to say is GIEF BACK ABS.

    Still rolling one for the awesome facial hair on an elf

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    Finally, the hot goth gf

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    I am Murloc!
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    Yeah, I am so re-rolling this.

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    Looking forward to void elf holy priest.

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    New race: Hot vampire.

    Dang. Alliance gets both werewolves and vampires. All the Horde gets are zombies.

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    Looking forward to making a void elf and will definitely level to 110 without boost to get that armor.

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    Note that Entropic Embrace proc is a 5% damage and healing buff for 12sec.

    It got updated, thanks chaud.
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    *Grabby hands*

    Can hardly wait! Race changing my rogue immediately and leveling a velf shadow priest from 1(or 20?) for that sweet heritage armor.

    I wonder if allied races are really coming with preorders on the 30th like people are saying.... Seems extremely optimistic, but if they're really coming so soon then I'm totally okay with it!

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    Why is blizzard so obsessed with blue / purple skin tones in this game??

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    they really just wanted to give alliance blood elves, huh. I didn't realize the void wings were just armor.

    Blood elf + Draenei skin. Wew.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huehuehue View Post
    they really just wanted to give alliance blood elves, huh. I didn't realize the void wings were just armor.

    Blood elf + Draenei skin. Wew.
    And they really just wanted to give horde night elves with the Nightborne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deuse View Post
    Why is blizzard so obsessed with blue / purple skin tones in this game??
    Because they are Void Elves and void colours hardly include bright red or yellow.

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    Too bad we don't get the look Alleria got in the cutscene when she suddenly absorbed too much void.

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    Vampire RP incoming!

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