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    Tinker Class Concept 2018 (long)

    The Tinker Class

    I. Overview:.

    The Tinker is a hybrid technology-based class that revolves around Goblin and Gnome inventions and devices. The class is capable of tanking, DPS, and Healing, and is restricted to only Goblins and Gnomes. Their abilities are largely based on the technological style of each respective race. Goblins tend to favor flame and chemical weaponry, while Gnomes tend to favor electrical and energy weaponry. Similar to Heroism/Time Warp/Bloodlust, while the abilities have different animations and icons, they still do the same thing, and have the same damage output.

    The Tinker class revolves around mech piloting: Controlling highly mobile vehicles loaded with advanced Goblin or Gnome weaponry. These versatile machines allow the Tinker to perform a variety of roles for their allies while also confusing and devastating their enemies. These mechs are commonly called Warframes. For the sake of brevity, they will be referred to as Mech in this post.

    II. Class Specifics

    The Warframe

    The mech form is your primary method of performing combat roles. The mech is generally the same despite specialization, but they may be colored differently to better differentiate their class role. The core difference between specialization is the amount of armor gained by entering mech form. The Siegecrafter spec has the highest armor level due to its tanking role.

    Roles: Tank, Ranged DPS, Healing
    Resource: Fuel
    Armor: Mail
    Weapons: Guns, Bows, Crossbows, 2h Maces
    Stats: INT
    Races: Goblins (H) Gnomes (A)

    How does fuel work?

    Fuel is a resource that is used as some abilities are used. However, it can be regenerated in a few ways. Salvager is the most efficient way to generate Fuel, as it regenerates fuel over a few seconds. Abilities such as Miniaturized Iron Star or Machine Gun can also generate Fuel. Additionally, Fuel slowly regenerates while out of combat. 100 Fuel is the maximum amount of fuel that can be stored at a time. The Medic spec does not use fuel, it uses Mana instead. While the Mechanic utilizes Fuel for some of its abilities, it is far more reliant on Voltage to perform successfully.

    The Turret System

    Turrets are one of the core abilities of the Tinker and exist in every spec. Turrets provide additional DPS for the class, and provides each spec with a unique benefit. While only three turrets can be active at a time, talents can increase that number. Turrets have the associated abilities Focus Fire, which commands the turret to fire at a specific target, and Self Destruct which causes a turret to explode. When a turret is detonated, destroyed, or expires, it has a chance to leave scrap that can be used by your Salvager passive ability.

    Benefits by Spec:

    Siegecrafter: Turrets slow enemies and have increase health. Siegecrafts get an additional taunt ability.
    Mechanic: Rate of fire is increased passively. Mechano-Lord passive provides buffs to the Tinker. Construction enhances the turrets by turning them into new devices.
    Medic: Turrets can passively apply an additional shield to the Medic's allies.

    Travel Mode:

    Tinkers have access to class-exclusive mounts. Those mounts are their mechs transformed into a ground-based, sea-based, or air-based transport. Tinkers are perfectly capable of riding other mounts while in Pilot mode.

    What expansion could bring Tinkers to WoW?

    This is a common question, that has perplexed people for a very long time. @Rhamses started an interesting thread that pertains to a possible expansion that involves the Undermine. Given that the Undermine is the traditional home of the Tinker Union, and that Undermine was a continent in early versions of the game, the Undermine could be the expansion that brings the Tinker class to WoW.

    You can read about the possible expansion here:

    Power Cells:

    Tinkers deconstruct weaponry into Power Cells. Power Cells are equipped where weapons would normally go. Tinkers in pilot mode use a unique hand gun that they use to deal damage. While in mech, Tinkers use the mech's vast weaponry. Power Cells determine the damage your weapons do.

    III. General Abilities

    Ejector Seat: Disengage from your mech, launching 20 ft forward. Ability is automatic during Self Destruct.
    Rocket Boost: (2 charges) Boost forward for 3 seconds. If you hit a target while boosting, the target will be damaged and dazed. Your direction can be controlled while you boost. Assault Tinkers get an additional charge.
    Skyfall: Launches into the air, then slams into the ground, causing damage in an 8yd radius around the mech.
    Arm Cannon: When you exit melee range, your auto-attack becomes a ranged shot.
    Flame Thrower/Machine Gun: Channeled: Deals damage to targets in a cone in front of the caster. Regenerates Fuel. (Siegecrafter and Assault only)
    Pocket Factory: Deploys a small factory at a targeted location that rapidly deploys small robots to fight for you. Lasts 45 seconds. When the robots expire, the robots explode, dealing damage to nearby targets in a small radius. Robots and the factory have a chance to leave behind scrap. Only one Pocket Factory can be active at a time. (Medic and Mechanic only)
    Healing Scan: Heals target for a % of attack power. (DPS and Tank) 2 charges. (Healing) 3 charges with additional effects.
    Rock-it-Turret: Deploys a turret at the targeted location that fires at nearby enemies. Only 2 turrets can be on the field at one time. Siegecrafter, Medic, and Mechanic only.
    -Focus Fire: Orders your Turret(s) to fire at a specific target.
    -Self-Destruct: Orders your Turret to explode. Self Destruct grants a higher chance of dropping scrap.

    Robotic Defense Matrix: Places a shield on your mech that reduces damage taken and increases movement speed by X% for 5 seconds. (3 minute CD).
    Hired Goons/Mek Crew: Summon a trio of assistants to help you in a pinch. Goblins summon a male and female Goblin and a Hobgoblin, while Gnomes summon a female Gnome, a male Gnome, and a Robotic Gnome. One member of the crew assists you in battle, another member of the crew gives you and your devices a buff, and the final member of the crew restores health and resources. (10 minute CD)
    Protector's Frenzy: (Passive) When one of your creations are destroyed, you have a chance to increase your attack speed by 100%
    Salvager: (Passive) Your creations have a chance to leave behind scrap. Scrap can be collected to restore fuel, and to speed up the cooldown of your abilities.

    Pilot Mode Abilities: While outside the mech, the Tinker has few abilities and is quite vulnerable to damage. However, while weaker, the Tinker is far from helpless.

    Call Mech: Summons your mech for you to pilot.
    Rapid Fire: Rapidly shoots your gun three times for increased attack damage.
    Cutting Beam: (Channeled) Shoots a focused laser beam at a target, dealing increased damage over time.
    Infrared Vision: Allows you to view the Infrared spectrum, spotting enemies in stealth. Can be used while piloting a warframe. (2 minute CD)
    Recovery Shot: Heals Tinker for 10% of total health over 10 seconds.(1 minute CD)
    Personal Defense Matrix: Surrounds the Tinker in a defensive field, reducing damage and increasing movement speed by 100% . Each second PDM is active, its effect decays by 20%. Lasts 5 seconds. Colliding with a target will knock them back. (3 minute CD)

    IV. Specializations

    Siegecrafter (Tank)

    The Siegecrafter is Tinker that pilots a heavily armored mech into the front lines of battle. The Siegecrafter’s mech is modified to not only withstand large amounts of damage, but to also deal large amounts of damage to its targets as well.

    Overheat/Overcharge: Overload your circuits, causing flames/electricity to emit from your mech, damaging enemies in a 8 yard radius around you, and reducing the damage you take for the duration. Additionally, this effect will heal you up to 25% of your health over the duration. This ability uses a great deal of Fuel. Flamethrower/Machine Gun and Steam Blast/Electric-Jolt reduce Overheat/Overcharge's cooldown by X seconds.(3 minute CD)
    Cannon Buster/Blitz Bomb: Surround yourself with flames/electricity, and charge a target, dealing fire/nature damage to target and surrounding targets and causing a large amount of threat. Pilot can control the direction while boosting. Uses up your Rocket Boost charges. (1 minute CD)
    Leaky Armor: (Passive) When hit by melee enemies, your mech has a chance to splash fuel onto them, reducing their movement speed. Hitting oil covered targets with Flame thrower/Machine Gun will allow you to regenerate fuel faster.
    Magnetic Armor: Draw nearby enemies towards you, causing them to slam into your mech, dazing and damaging them. Magnetic Armor also increases your armor for 15 seconds.
    Steam Blast/Electro-Jolt: Fires a short-ranged blast of Flame/Electricity that heavily damages nearby targets, weakening their armor.
    Sawblades/Lightning Sabre: (3 charges) Slashes a target in front of the caster, damaging enemies for weapon damage. Has a chance to increase the damage of your next Steam Blast/Electro-Jolt, and remove its cooldown.
    Magnetic Sawblade/Gravity Bomb: Unleashes a powerful bomb in front of the caster that damages enemies in a 10 yard radius for 3 seconds, and then pulls them towards the center causing large amounts of damage.
    Engine Gunk: (Passive) Your turrets taunt nearby targets and have a chance to slow them for X seconds.

    Assault (DPS)

    The Assault Tinker pilots a highly mobile mech that can weave in and out of combat and uses a variety of weapons to attack enemies from different ranges. When the battle goes in the wrong direction, the Tinker can use his own mech as a weapon of mass destruction!

    Chemical Burn/Electrical Burn (Passive) Increases the damage done by your Flame Shot/Plasma Shot and Flame Thrower/Machine Gun abilities. Critical hits to a target with Chemical/Electrical Burn has a chance to have your next Miniaturized Iron Star/Deth Lazor be instantly at full power (no charging necessary).
    Flame Shot/Plasma Shot: Fires a ball of energy towards a target. Critical hits can cause the shot to burst, dealing splash damage. (3 charges)
    Mobilization: Removes the timer from your X-Plodium Charge/Lightning Bomb ability, and removes the cooldown from your Rocket Boost ability. Last 8 seconds. (5 minute CD)
    X-Plodium Charge/Lightning Bomb: Launches an explosive to a targeted area, initiating a countdown. When the timer ends, the bomb explodes, stunning targets and dealing AoE damage. Deals increased damage to targets inflicted with Chemical/Electrical Burn. X-Plodium Charge/Lightning Bombs have a chance to leave Scrap.
    Miniaturized Iron Star/Deth Lazor: (up to 4 second charge) Charge your weapon and unleash it, causing damage in a straight line. The charge time determines the distance and damage of your weapon. Miniaturized Iron Star/Deth Lazor places Chemical Burn/Electric Charge on all targets it hits. Restores your resource.
    Cluster Rockets: (Toggle) Your auto-attacks and Flame/Plasma shots have a chance to deploy missiles in a small radius around the initial target. Cluster Rockets have a low chance to stun.
    Self Destruct: Initiates self-destruct sequence, launching the Mech forward and ejecting the pilot. The mech shortly explodes dealing damage in a large radius. Tinker is confined to pilot mode for 15 seconds until a new mech is summoned by one of his crew members. (6 minute cooldown)

    Medic (Heal)

    The Medic Tinker pilots one of the weaker mechs of the group. This mech has slightly more armor than the Assault mech, but far less armor than the Siegecrafter mech. The mech is designed for assisting and defending allies. Many of the Tinker’s machines and devices are reconfigured to dispense healing to nearby allies as well as attacking nearby enemies.

    Mana Drive (Passive) Converts your fuel to mana, and increases the effectiveness of your healing spells.
    Healing Shot: (up to 3 second charge) Fires your weapon at a target, healing them for a % of weapon damage. The longer you charge, the stronger the heal.
    Healing Spray/Healing Beam: Fans a spray/beam in a wide arc in front of the caster, healing all friendly targets it hits. Replaces Flamethrower/Machine Gun.
    Healing Cloud/Healing Field: (Passive) Your Healing Spray/Beam has a chance to overload, dispensing a concentrated form of healing gas/energy in all directions.
    Biotic Bomb: Tosses a bomb at a targeted location, releasing a chemical cloud that places a HoT on all friendly targets in the field, and places a DoT on all enemy targets within the field. Healing effects are increased for targets within the cloud. (1 minute CD)
    Allied Defense Matrix: (Passive) Critical hits by your turrets place a shield on an ally that heals them for a small amount and reduces damage done to them.

    Field Medic (Lvl 100 Talent): This talent allows you to do three additional abilities.

    -Cure-All-Wrap Gun: Fires a Bandage at a target that removes a magical effect. In addition, increases any healing done to the target for the next 8 seconds.

    -Personal Absorption Field: (passive) Damage done to you has a chance to be reduced by 30%. The tinker is healed for the reduction amount.

    -Healbot 3.0: Launch a healing robot that follows you and casts healing beam on friendly targets.Lasts 45 seconds, 3 minute cooldown.

    Mechanic (DPS)

    A Tinker that eschews a mech in favor of upgrading and improving their devices. Mechanic Tinkers utilize their incredible inventiveness along with their incredible Wrenchcalibur to manipulate their simple devices into more formidable and powerful machines. Mechanics can quickly transform a lowly turret into a mighty Robeast, capable of demolishing all opposition in their path and turn the tide of a battle. Note: Mechanics receive all of the abilities from the Pilot mode, but their cooldowns are reduced via the Utility Belt passive.

    Voltage: Seconday resource that builds through your Auto Attacks, the use of Quick Shot, and the damage done by your devices. Voltage is used to preform the Construction ability. Once Voltage reaches a certain point, you can equip Wrenchcalibur.

    Quick Shot: Fires a blast of energy from your gun that damages a target for % of attack power. Generates Voltage.

    Construction: (Requires Voltage) Converts one or more of your turrets into the following devices:

    +Spider Bombs: (2 charges) Construct 2 spider bombs that streak across the ground and explode on a target. Bombs may be stored until ability is used. Requirement: 1 turret
    +Maximum Repair Bot: Construct a stationary robot that repairs mechanical targets within 30 yards. Lasts 45 seconds. Requirement: 2 turrets
    +Gun Bot: Combine turrets into a mobile turret that deals higher damage. Lasts 45 seconds. Requirement: 2 turrets
    +Mechano-Tank: Construct a Mechano-Tank that attacks enemies at range. While active the tank reduces your damage taken by X%. Lasts 30 seconds. Requirement: 3 turrets.
    +Ro-Beast 3.0: Construct a robotic devilsaur that viciously attacks targets up close, or breathes fire on them at a distance. Ro-Beast 3.0 always initiates Protective Frenzy when it expires. Lasts 15 seconds. Requirement: 4 turrets.

    Notes: If a combined device is active, it counts as the number of turrets it has combined. For example, if a Automated Shredder is active, you can only summon 1 turret. The turrets are destroyed when they are combined. Focus Fire and Self Destruct works on the combined devices just like regular turrets. Construction does not work on combined devices.

    Wrenchcalibur: Unleash Wrenchcalibur, transforming your Construction, Quick Shot, Rapid Fire and Cluster Bomb abilities, enhancing your Mecha-Lord passives by 10%, and increasing the damage of your devices for Wrenchcalibur's duration. Wrenchcalibur is equipped by building up your resource, and activating it. Wrenchcalibur can only be summoned if your resource is over 80%. Once equipped, your secondary resource will tick down to zero. Performing Wrenchcalibur's abilities depletes your resource more quickly.

    Wrenchcalibur Abilities:

    __ Plasma Strike: Strikes an enemy target, dealing X% attack damage. Reduces their vulnerability to nature damage for X seconds. (3 charges) Replaces Quick Shot.
    __ Plasma Arc: Swings Wrenchcalibur in a forward arc dealing damage to the initial target, and dealing reduced damage to nearby targets. Reduces their vulnerability to nature damage for X seconds. Replaces Rapid Fire.
    __ Plasma Storm: Wrenchcalibur summons a storm of energy at a target location, damaging all in the area and reducing their vulnerability to nature damage for X seconds. Replaces Cutting Laser.
    __ Plasma Waves: (Passive) Every time you perform a Wrenchcalibur ability you have a chance to release an energy pulse, repairing your devices and increasing their duration by 2 seconds.
    __ Empowered Construction: Using Construction while Wrenchcalibur is active creates more powerful constructs that are more resilient and deal higher damage, but also expire more quickly than your normal constructs and require a higher Voltage cost. Constructs created with this ability will always leave scrap and always initiate Protector's Frenzy when they expire. Unlike standard Construction this form CAN use combined constructs to create higher constructs. Ex. You can combine Mechano-Tank with a turret to create a Ro-Beast.

    Mechano-Lord: (Passive) Your active devices grant you passive bonuses.
    +2 Turrets: Increases Armor by 10%
    +3 Turrets: Increases Movement speed by 10%
    +4 Turrets: Generates 2 Voltage per second.

    Utility Belt: (Passive) Reduces the cooldown of your Infrared Vision, and Personal Defense Matrix by 1 minute. Increases the healing effectiveness of your Recovery Shot and reduces its cooldown by 50%.
    Robotic Genius: (Passive) Increases total possible number of active turrets by 2, and increases their firing rate and damage. Pocket Factory now has two charges.

    Artificer DPS (or Tank?)

    As a Tinker that specializes in reverse engineering ancient and exotic technology, the Artificer is by far the most eccentric specialization of the Tinker class. Possessing the vast power of ancient knowledge, the Artificer uses their ancient devices to protect their allies and devastate their enemies. This Tinker can control ancient constructs, transform living tissue into machinery, and even call down firepower from an ancient titan construct above the clouds. Though confident in their abilities to understand and use their lost tech, the Artificer must always be wary of falling victim to the potential darkness lurking within the technological artifacts they collect. Unlike other Tinkers, the Artificer cannot use Pilot abilities.

    Infusion: Imbue yourself, your gun, and your construct with a celestial attribute. Lasts 1 hour. Only one infusion can be active at a time.

    Binary (Leviathan Engine) : Imitating the power of a Star, Binary combines chaotic and orderly energy into a variety of effects. Highly destructive in nature, Binary tends to deal more direct single target and AoE damage than the other Infusions.
    Space (Algalon's Sigil) : Utilizes the power of Gravity to aid the Tinker with offensive and supportive abilities. Space deals more with controlling enemies and the space around the Artificer, but still more than capable of dealing necessary damage.
    Time (The Eye of Aman'Thul): Manipulates the incredible power of time in order to tilt a battle in the Tinker's favor. Time utilizes more passive effects than the other infusions, empowering your existing abilities with added temporal effects.
    +Each Infusion grants the Tinker a passive attribute and a unique cooldown, adds two or three unique abilities to their Polarity gun, and adds abilities to their construct.

    Polarity Gun: Primary weapon of the Artificer, the Polarity Gun was invented by the Artificer to reverse engineer ancient technology and utilize its properties. Polarity Gun's abilities change based on selected Infusion, and the polarity gun utilizes stats from your equipped weapon. You can change the appearance of your Polarity gun by gaining special modifications as you level.

    Standard ability:

    Zapmaster 9000: Zaps a target with a bolt of arcane energy.

    Sample Infusion Abilities:
    Binary Ability:Particle Beam: (channeled) Fires a short ranged beam of super-heated energy at a target, dealing damage every second. Damage increases the longer the target is hit by the beam. Reduces the armor of the target.
    Space Ability: Dark Star: (3 charges) Fires a ball of Gravity forward that moves very slowly towards a target. When it hits a target, it deals damage and knocks the target back. The further the ball is from the Artificer, the less power it will have, but its speed will increase. Only one Dark Star can be active at a time (15 second CD between charges).
    Time Ability: Temporal Bolts: (passive) Your auto attacks have a chance to slow the movement and attack speed of a target for a brief time. When this occurs, your movement and attack speed increases. Stacks up to 5 times.

    Activate Construct: Summons a construct that acts as a permanent pet until dismissed, unsummoned, or killed.

    Blessing of Mimiron: Transforms you into a mechanical, increasing your armor and durability. While in this form you cannot be healed by conventional means, but you can be repaired. Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 15 sec. (1 minute cooldown)

    Ancient Satellite: Calls down a beam of energy from an ancient Titan Construct, dealing Arcane damage to enemies in a line. (45 second cooldown)

    Master Salvager: (passive) Increases the cooldown reduction and resource regeneration of Salvager. In addition, enemies you kill have a chance to leave scrap (destroying mechanicals have a higher chance to leave scrap), your construct will leave scrap as it fights and when it is destroyed, and scrap will repair you while you are a machine.

    V. Talents

    Assault, Siegecrafter, Mechanic, and Medic Tinker Talent Grids

    Note: Scroll down to "Start Browsing User made grids" and click the Assault Tinker Talent Grid (2/6/18) the Siegecrafter Tinker Talent Grid (2/7/18), Medic Tinker Talent Grid (2/8/18) and the Mechanic Tinker Talent Grid (2/16/18) to view. For some reason it won't let me direct link. If anyone knows how I can direct link without hitting an error, please let me know.

    Also since the icons aren't all that great on that site (I work with what I have), here is how I envision the level 100 Siegebreaker talent:

    VI. Mech Justification

    There has been much conversation of why this class should or should not utilize a mech as a class feature. Because of this, I submit 5 reasons the Tinker should pilot a mech in some capacity.

    1. The Tinker hero from WC3 also piloted a mech, and could leave or enter mech modeat will, just like Druids could enter animal form.

    2. Gazlowe from HotS also piloted a mech. In early versions of HotS, Gazlowe could also enter and exit mech mode much like the WC3 Tinker could. This reinforces the theme that a Tinker should pilot a mech.

    3. Mech piloting highly differentiates the class from existing classes, especially the Hunter class.

    4. Many prominent Gnome and Goblin lore figures have been portrayed in mechs, this includes racial leaders.

    5. The community is receptive to the idea of mech piloting being a class feature. Gelbin shooting demons inside a mech during the Broken Shore scenario was met with overwhming approval as opposed to older Tinker concepts which were viewed largely as silly and "whimsical".


    These designs were recently brought to my attention:

    While I prefer the mech style more prevalent with Mekkatorque and Blackfuse, I do like these general designs, and wouldn't be opposed to seeing them in the game. Also it would be cool to see the old school Tinker design in the game.

    VII. Conclusion

    Thank you for taking the time to read this thread. I appreciate it. Please leave your comments, and suggestions. I will update this thread when I complete the talents. Additionally, the medic Tinker's image is just a placeholder. I'll have a new image up for it shortly.

    Special thanks to Blizzard, Wowhead, and other sources from which I pulled various art and ideas.
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    Very nice job. Did my thread inspire you to create this?

    Anyway, I like the general idea of the Tinker, but I personally don't think we're getting any new classes.

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    Engineering already covers this theme. What we need is something completely new, not something based off a profession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    Engineering already covers this theme. What we need is something completely new, not something based off a profession.
    It isn't based on the profession, it's based on this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    Engineering already covers this theme. What we need is something completely new, not something based off a profession.
    Man this argument is old.

    When's the last time you even tossed a grenade as an engineer? You can't equate wearing goggles and using the same glider every expansion to a class that DPS's as a rocket-shooting mech with turrets.
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    I like it.. as Captain Jean Luc Picard "Patrick Stewart" would always say: Make it so!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snes View Post
    Man this argument is old.

    When's the last time you even tossed a grenade as an engineer? You can't equate wearing goggles and using the same glider every expansion to a class that DPS's as a rocket-shooting mech with turrets.
    I use grenades daily in both PvE and PVP. Cobalt Frag bombs stun 110s as well as many dungeon/raid mobs. This class concept has been run into the ground repeatedly. Look through the engineering profession and see how many items can be made that are just like "Tinkers."

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    I use grenades daily in both PvE and PVP. Cobalt Frag bombs stun 110s as well as many dungeon/raid mobs. This class concept has been run into the ground repeatedly. Look through the engineering profession and see how many items can be made that are just like "Tinkers."
    So being able to toss a limited bomb with a gimped stun is the equivalent of Gelbin piloting a warframe on Broken Shore?


    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by BedlamBros View Post
    Very nice job. Did my thread inspire you to create this?
    No, I've been wanting to create an updated post in sometime. My older thread was very outdated.

    Thanks for the kind words.

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    Can I offer some critiques? One a Tinker could really go the 4 specs route; tank, range dps, melee dps, and healer. Assault and shredder, (sounds like a TMNT villain duo)

    Also how are the lightforged not a playable race option? We do a whole portion of questing where we help them build a mech.

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    keep up the fight teriz
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    im totally loving this idea as a hero class maybe :3

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    by fire be purged
    Great job rly awesome but i still dont want tinker in game xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWorkingTitle View Post
    Engineering already covers this theme. What we need is something completely new, not something based off a profession.
    No it doesn't? Engineering covers like what? 5% of what has been mentioned?

    - - - Updated - - -

    For the Assault, though not liking the name. You could add-on an Overload ability that changes your flame shot to a plasma shot and increases crit and haste - personal buff, that is.
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    absolutely beautiful

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    Great write-up! Wish I could roll this class right now.

    Only changes I would change the name of Assault and add a few more races to the mix.

    Looking forward to seeing those talents!

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    Looks better than allied races.

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    I honestly would play the hell out of a tinker class, I think it could be quite fun to be in a suit and rain down hell on people, tank with a fully armored mecha or heal with some technology related or magic infused mecha.
    SUre engineer has some of it already, but they could expand on it and create some kind of class or hero class for tinkers. Since we got demon hunters and death knights. I think that tinkers would be a good announcement for this expansion or maybe the next, employing all kind of technology to fight evil is a good place to fit in the tinkers.

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    MMO-Champ logic: Blizzard can completely remake demonology to allow for demon hunters but can't remove some dumb bombs from a profession to allow for tinkers. Okay.

    I'd love a tinker, though I'm not sure I'd have every class use mechs. Maybe one has a gun, builds sentry turrets, etc?

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    i was never a fan of the tinker concept but i got to admit you did a good job there, perhaps it's more viable than i thought

    my primary concern is that it moves the game towards a 'sci-fi direction' which imo feels aesthetically 'wrong' (i hated the lightforged warframes and the legion/draenei spaceships too)

    also it's based on two of the least popular races (goblins and gnomes) which imo limits the potential to enjoy

    still it's a good idea

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caaethil View Post
    MMO-Champ logic: Blizzard can completely remake demonology to allow for demon hunters but can't remove some dumb bombs from a profession to allow for tinkers. Okay.
    Yeah, never understood the love for engineering profession when it comes to Tinkers, but the contempt for Warlock and DK players who oppose DHs and Necromancers entering the game.

    Anyways, @Teriz this is a good class concept. Really like how you added icons for each ability. Makes the skills easier to sift through. Nice work!

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