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I did Khan back in 2016 during WoD with my mage, and it still felt easier and more consistent than some of the achievements mentioned above for Battlemaster (I don't have it and I can't imagine how it's possible to do some SotA ones or the 7 mins AV win).

I just can't ignore the fact that we have these "looks impossible to do" achievements in some of the older BG-s, and here is this Seething Shore where after 2 days I have only the 100 wins (I'm around 40) and the 25000 score achievements left for master.

I'm just farming honor currently to reach lvl25 before next expansion, so I myself looking for more efficient ways to get honor than doing BG achievements (some of them still happen randomly and it should work like that imo, just get them naturally as you follow the rules of the BG).
Its not so much the RNG, fuck that, I don't care about them being hard. I'll get over that; Just give me the proper tools I once had AKA stop nerfing fun Blizzard.

Say, I have a 2009 date on my AB exalted. Quite the grind, but I didn't mind it at all. We had awesome premade fun, and else I could solo myself if I didn't find enough...I usually lead my own raids...Always been that type, I don't really want to join other people's groups/raids if I can avoid it...I'm in control, its best