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    They are really giving few options for faces across these. Otherwise cool

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    Even as an alliance player, damn that flight form for the druid is cool.

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    That moment you saw the title and was excited to find out about the classes for Zandalari but there are none of them except for the druids. Paladins plz Blizz.

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    If the UC and SW story line are scenario format then thats fine but it will suck if you have to deal with other players. I hope at least we only have to do it with 1 toon.
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    The back toe/nail is missing from zandalari male troll, its a mistake that should be fixed

    If you wanna join this fight, there is a topic in the official foruns askin for th change, if you want give your support for the back toe go here

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    Man these chicks are HOMELY. Like bag over the face homely.

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    @Harbour Lel, Zandalari Loladins male no sense at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLoque View Post
    This race will be the final hit to the Alliance. Everyone will move to Horde. I mean I've been playing Alliance since 2007 but this is way too cool.
    But the horde already has all the people who want to play "Badass" ugly races.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by azurrei View Post
    Don't get me wrong, I definitely am going to make a Zandalari Troll Druid but...please, PLEASE can Horde just have ONE "pretty" race for Druids Cows, Cows with Antlers, Trolls, somehow even uglier Trolls. I just wanna be a pretty Druid on Horde that doesn't have to "hide" in animal form 24/7
    Blood elves would be a good fit, they have even had some NPC druids.

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    Is that gold collar thingy part of the body so you can't get rid of it on the females?
    That kinda sucks....

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    The Zandalari Trolls Allied Race can be any of these classes:

    Other options are unknown at this time.
    Yeah, it's not like you can confirm Warrior as well since that was, well who knows, the entire introduction video at BlizzCon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voidwielder View Post
    I hope they can be Shamans, Enh Hidden Artifact appearance is made for them.
    Shaman is practically a given for them. Trolls have always practiced shamanism in the lore so I will be very surprised if they can't be shaman in BFA.

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    They don't look finished.
    I'm pretty sure they will get some more customization options, especially for the faces. At least I hope so, since they all look the same to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaud View Post
    Battle for Azeroth Allied Races - Zandalari Trolls Preview
    The Zandalari Trolls are the original trolls of Azeroth residing on the continent of Zandalar. They have a rich history and a proud heritage. Zandalari society worships Loa, animal gods and protectors. They also have a bond with the many dinosaur species found on the planet. The Horde are seeking to gain the trust of this tall-standing race to counter Alliance aggression.

    Unlocking the Zandalari Trolls
    The achievements required to unlock the ability to make a Zandalari Troll are not yet known. It is likely to involve new Battle for Azeroth content.
    Originally Posted by MMO-Champion
    The Fall of Lordaeron
    • Step 01: Under Siege (New) - Find Saurfang.
    • Step 02: Spies in Our Midst (New) - Secure the Mage District.
    • Step 03: To the Heart! (New) - Follow Saurfang to the Heart of the City
    • Step 04: Evacuate the Heart of the City (New) - Evacuate the Remainder of Undercity
    • Step 05: To Battle! (New) - Use the Portal to meet with Sylvanas Windrunner.
    • Step 06: Push Them Back (New) - Break their front line
    • Step 07: Defend the Azerite War Machine (New) - Defend the Azerite War Machine
    • Step 08: Our Secret Weapon (New) - Use blight on Alliance forces to drive them away.
    • Step 09: Like Wildfire (New) - The Alliance have breached the wall. Meet with Nathanos Blightcaller to intercept them at a crucial chokepoint.
    • Step 10: Holding Them Back (New) - Intercept the Alliance with Nathanos Blightcaller.
    • Step 11: The King Piece (New) - Defeat King Anduin Wrynn and his Allies.
    • Step 12: Cry Havoc (New) - Sylvanas has called for the retreat.
    • Step 13: The Dark Lady (New) - Rendezvous with Sylvanas in the keep.

    The Siege of Lordaeron
    • Step 01: The Third Fleet (New) - Meet with Genn Greymane inside Brill.
    • Step 02: Clearing the Way (New) - Siege Towers Defended
    • Step 03: Clearing the Way (New) - Defeat the Azerite War Machine
    • Step 04: Breach the Wall (New) - Keep Undercity's forces at bay with King Anduin until the trebuchets breach the wall.
    • Step 05: Blighted Grounds (New) - Evacuate wounded soldiers before they are infected by plague gas.
    • Step 06: The Light is Fading (New) - Fall back with King Anduin Wrynn.
    • Step 07: The Winds of Change (New) - Find Jaina at the walls of Lordaeron.
    • Step 08: What Lies Beyond (New)
    • Step 09: The Great Eagle (New)
    • Step 10: Pressing Onward (New)
    • Step 11: Abomination Wonderland (New) - Assault Lordaeron City
    • Step 12: Blast! (New)
    • Step 13: She's Getting Away! (New) - Pursue Sylvanas in the Gyrocopter.
    • Step 14: The High Overlord. (New) - Defeat High Overlord Saurfang.
    • Step 15: The Dark Lady (New) - Pursue Sylvanas.

    The Stormwind Extraction
    • Step 01: In the Dead of Night (New) - Infiltrate Stormwind City.
    • Step 02: Down the Drain (New) - Open the sewer access gate.
    • Step 03: The Stockades (New) - Infiltrate the Stockades.
    • Step 04: Honor and Loyalty (New) - Release High Overlord Saurfang.
    • Step 05: The Primary Objective (New) - Release the prisoners and escape the Stockades.
    • Step 06: The Stormwind City Shuffle (New) - Escape Stormwind City undetected.
    • Step 07: WAY Behind Enemy Lines (New) - Escape the Cathedral district.
    • Step 08: The Harbor Run (New) - Reach Talanji's ship in Stormwind Harbor.
    • Step 09: Well, Ship (New) - Slay Admiral Lockheart.

    The Zandalari Trolls Allied Race can be any of these classes:

    • Druid
    • Other options are unknown at this time.

    The Zandalari Troll racial abilities only have names and icons as of now.

    • City of Gold
    • Embrace of the Loa
    • Pterrordax Swoop
    • Regeneratin
    • Ward of the Loa

    The Zandalari Troll racial mount is the Zandalari Direhorn. It is usable by all Horde races upon unlocking the Zandalari Troll Allied Race.

    Heritage Armor
    Currently we only know what the heritage armor for Zandalari Trolls looks like.

    The Zandalari Trolls offer a variety of faces, hairstyles, hair colors, skin colors, earings, tusks and tattoo options. You can view them all in the screenshots and modelviewer below.


    <div class="gallery" id="gallery-ZTFace">



    <div class="gallery" id="gallery-ZTHairStyle">


    Hair Colors

    <div class="gallery" id="gallery-ZTHairColor">


    Skin Colors

    <div class="gallery" id="gallery-ZTSkinColor">



    <div class="gallery" id="gallery-ZTEarings">



    <div class="gallery" id="gallery-ZTtatoos">


    Druid Forms
    As of now only the flight form and travel form of the Zandalari Trolls are known.

    So Dark Iron Dwarves will be available in a later patch?

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    This expansion has done it. After years being Alliance I'm returning to Horde which I originally belonged to from vanilla. I have to have a Zandalari Druid cause i never liked the hunched over trolls. And on top of that the Collectors edition mount for horde really craps all over the Alliance horse.

    I'm tired of this abuse on alliance so its time to return to the horde.

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    So how about content? because all I see are a handful of new races and some shitty aesthetics.

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    Is it just me or do they look like they have the same stand posture as the Nightborne?
    I mean, I understand the whole idea of allied races was lazy, but this would be super special lazy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrLoque View Post
    This race will be the final hit to the Alliance. Everyone will move to Horde. I mean I've been playing Alliance since 2007 but this is way too cool.
    What have you been smoking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chiddie View Post
    @Harbour Lel, Zandalari Loladins male no sense at all.
    Zandalari Prelates are like Loa worshipping paladins. they totally make sense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emblin View Post
    Zandalari Prelates are like Loa worshipping paladins. they totally make sense.
    For me a troll paladin makes no sense at all.

    Priest is just fine, but paladin... hell no (even Tauren Paladins make no sense to me).

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    omg they made a special haircut for feminazi trolls

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