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    Don't get me wrong, I definitely am going to make a Zandalari Troll Druid but...please, PLEASE can Horde just have ONE "pretty" race for Druids Cows, Cows with Antlers, Trolls, somehow even uglier Trolls. I just wanna be a pretty Druid on Horde that doesn't have to "hide" in animal form 24/7
    No. Badass > Pretty. If you want to be pretty go to alliance and play the damn night elves.

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    Idk, maybe i'm blind, but all faces look the same for me... I was kinda hoping for more. Anyway, the totems look realy nice

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    male troll needs a luscious blonde hair color

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    ekk we are all possessed now black eyes !!!

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    hate you can't be DK yet on the allied races... been maining dk for 7 years or more and was looking forward to have an actual good looking troll dk... guess i have to wait another year(s)...

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    They are ugly as hell. Bring on Classic please. I hope the racials have been toned down. Disgusted that they ever gave horde paladins, but to make them trolls is even more vile. Just when you think the game can't become more does

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    That healing racial in arena gonna be fun on a rogue

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