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    No thanks.

    I would however like to see a new mail class. Its ridicules that there are only 2 classes that use mail.
    It'll happen eventually if the game persist. Plate, mail and leather only had 2 classes for awhile. Dks got added 2 expansions later, monk in mop (2 expansions) and dh (2 expansions). We prob get another class in the exp after bfa.

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    And Death Knights were made by a Warlock too, but we don't raise the dead because there's too much overlap, and there are other cool things that they can do with Warlock tanking rather than going back to the meta model if they did decide to reintroduce it. Diverse classes is a good thing.

    I like the ranged tanking idea. Stick Circle back baseline and give us a souped up version of Soul Link with Threat. I'd be fine with just enough abilities that we can off-tank the odd thing or hold the boss in an emergency, like druids can with bear form rather than a full-fledged tank spec.
    Technically current DK were raised by Arthas original DK, like Teron Gorefiend were Orc acolytes sacrificed and had their souls infused to human knights to create a caster DK, not a warrior/paladin DK. Just changes to how they were made, a different kind of Necromancy.

    But even if it is not a Warlock I would love a class than can tank that has ranged options that is not a druid, preferably a "darker" themed character.

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    While tanking Leo in BC was fun and something different, the pure design of that encounter highlights the issues you would have with a ranged tank. WoW is generally not designed for that. And designing every encounter with this in mind now would put an additional limitation on encounter design that is not needed.

    In general, I like the idea of getting rid of the pure classes as they will always ever either be at a disadvantage or more powerful dps than hybrids.

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    I would love to have a Tank spec come to my favorite class. I get a pure is a pure, but still only 2 of the 3 specs is actually viable in the "current" raid make-up. I hope this comes.. i thought it was going to come in legion but it did not.
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    In fact, I'd argue $100 for a bottle of scotch to drink while you're building it would be the best use of your money - but then, who wouldn't?

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    Here are my two cents.

    Pure dps IS a problem, for those like me who don t have time or interest into getting an alt but still want to sometimes help their mates by not playing dps (and not in order to get faster queue), and that also dont want to play melee dps!

    Why not play a ranged tank? Swtor do it right ! And thats really refreshing for those who played wow for a long time!
    I know SW lore fits well into it. But IMO two classes can do it well : hunters and locks (imo locks fits better but i'm biaised). How? By using a special pet (and new spec obviously)! Who never had to fast invoke VW in a dungeon cos' tank dead? U could buff or heal him from distance, micromanage him for positionning and position urself anywhere u want. HP wise, u could create a spirit link with ur pet so ur health is common to the both of u. Or u could get a damage taken multiplier with auto-taunt once ur pet died so u get ra**d once u f***ed up with ur tank pet !

    I know there is probably tons of cons + gameplay things yo définie. But i d love a ranged pet tank spec, that would be the pinnacle of the "i m the puppet master and my puppets do it all for me" class fantasy ! (Obviously i m a former WD and now necro player when I do play Diablo 3)

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