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    Quote Originally Posted by theburned View Post
    Again you show little to no understanding about how the specc works.
    Your M+ build is just as naive as blizzard's there is close to no way you would use stonebark over SB, just like you dont use stonebark over flourish right now.... They would have to at very least add the legendary glove effect to make the talent somewhat competitive in any situation, and even then it would most likely have to be specifically tailored situations towards it.
    ToL has still proven to be plenty valuable in several situations (sotf has yet again proven to fall short.) While also having good synergy with WG, rejuv and regrowth, which will now be even more important as SM and LB loses even more value.
    I have stonebark 100% of the time in m+ tyranical weeks, just like throughput healing trinkets flourish and spring blossoms aren't something needed to heal 5 people vs the occasions ironbark saves lives when one person gets repeat targeted. Maybe if you just pug a 15 each week instead of an organised group doing higher keys together it might work for you, but if that's the case talent selection doesnt matter much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevcairiel View Post
    Nourish isn't gone, it just works with Regrowth now.
    Yes, but the entire thing that makes the Nourish - Abundance combo work so well in PvP is that once you have 6+ Rejuvs active, the HT cast is so fast that it's virtually impossible to interrupt/spell lock you. The new Abundance does nothing to reduce the cast time, so you're going to be stuck with GCD duration Regrowth casts (probably ~1.2 seconds) that are easily kicked, defeating the entire purpose of that build.

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