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    Liking the update to the new incinerate - no longer looks like a mage's arcane missiles.
    It now has the creeping/slithering on the ground animation back - and it looks like a lighter - fuse being lit and rushing towards its gunpowder. Still a bit too small and missing that carpet of flame - but this one is better. I think the video also has incinerat missing the victim so there's no impact animation possibly?

    A step in the right direction for incinerate.
    Drain life looks great. Reminds me of Overwatch's moira with the colour scheme of draining and changing it into healing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaman View Post
    Channel Demonfire was added this expansion, I'm not sure it will get updated.
    The animation for it has been used long before we got it though. Can't name mobs, but I know I've seen abilties with the same spell effect, I think earliest was either Cata or MoP. So hopefully it'll be updated a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclone Duke View Post
    Liking the update to the new incinerate - no longer looks like a mage's arcane missiles.
    It really didn't, it actually did a much better job of the "slithering" kind of thing, and it did this lil rise / wrap right before it hit the target almost like a snake attacking something. Was pretty neat and just something different, sad to see it go.

    Not that sad though, the new incinerate looks like a proper updated incinerate, a little more boring in that its the same old thing but it still looks really good. It does keep it home-y feeling.

    use being lit and rushing towards its gunpowder.
    Y'know I think that's a pretty perfect way to describe what it looks like now. You could absolutely use this effect for that and it'd be spot on.
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