Hi all,

First off I would like to say 2 things, firstly the server does not matter, I will happily transfer to any realm. Secondly, I have not raided for a long time, although during WotLK and Cata I was very active, I haven't done anything of note since due to personal/family life.

So, I would be looking for a casual guild that is either progressing in normal or HC. The raid times would be the sticking point for me due to family commitments (2 small children take up my time!). I would be looking for a guild with raiding times between 21:00-01:00 server time raids (days don't matter so long as it is between those times).

I have recently gotten the bug to start raiding again and progress with a lik-minded team so I'm looking for something prior to BfA.

I understand my personal preferences may hinder my choices but I'm absolutely open to anything so please let me know

Armory: worldofwarcraft. com/en-gb/character/argent-dawn/z%c3%b6d

Thanks for considering!