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    Do you want a new Power Word: Shield animation?

    Normal poll as the title says. I'm just curious because it has been bothering me for awhile now and with all the recent new animations I was surprised they didn't touch shield. But I haven't really seen anyone asking for a better version either so I wanted to see if it was just me or a minority that wants a new animation to the vanilla version.

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    I don't think there's any need to. The mage shields are completely overdone in my opinion. I wouldn't want something so flashy for something we use so often.

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    I actually kinda like the way Power Word: Shield is. So not really.

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    Yes, 100%. The 2d shield is really disappointing in the modern age of gaming and I think the last spell animation from vanilla still left (correct me if I'm wrong?) - it's a relic, really.

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    PW:S, Clarity of Will, and the mage shields still look like paper, especially when you control the camera a lot overhead.
    They're not as three-dimensional looking like, say, Anti-Magic Shell or Divine Shield.
    It's really annoying as once you see it. It's hard to unsee.

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    It wouldn't hurt getting it updated, but what I'd really want is a shadowy/voidy version for shadow.

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    I want a shadow version. I hate seeing anything holy looking while in shadow / void form

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    I'm pretty surprised it didn't get updated, since it's such an iconic spell for Disc. At the same time though, like someone else said, I'd hate for it to go the way of the new Mage shields where's it's really flashy. Not every healing priest spell needs to explode with light and sparkles

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    To the 9 people who voted "No". Why would you not want to see an update to the ugliest and most outdated graphic in the game right now?

    Ren'dorei Priest

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