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    Quote Originally Posted by Clearcut View Post
    You do know alliance have had 2 minute que times for YEARS without the enlistment bonus right?
    And then the MMO scene got competitive and players realized how much more efficient and valued their time was in other games or modes of WoW.

    WoW's a time efficiency game now. It wasn't always. The genie is out of the bottle, and it's not going back.

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    I used to do it just to watch whiny little bitches in chat whine that I was having fun MY way and not doing something that they wanted me to do that I did not find fun, but they did.

    Sure if YOU are part of a pre-made group, then you work as a team, but if you just join some random BG, then you are going to have more success trying to herd cats than getting everyone to do what YOU want.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ypolt View Post
    First of all that only supports the point he was making. There are short queue times because there are fewer alliance players queuing up than horde players and even fewer would mean longer horde queues.
    Second, your statement is absolutely not true as a majority of PvPer went alliance in WoD and the alliance had 10-15 min queue times on average and we had to queue as mercenaries and join the horde side to get shorter queues.
    No it is 100% correct, Horde que times were upwards of 30 minutes for me in wod, i moved to pvping on alliance because of the horde que times and the fact alliance won practically every single bg i joined and enjoyed 2-5 minute que times for the entire expansion.

    I literally leveled a brand new priest from 1-100 on the alliance so that i could do all my pvp on the alliance priest and keep raiding on my horde priest because the que times were 2 minutes for alliance and 30 for horde. Merc mode wasn't even a thing until about half way through of wod
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