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Don't really get why people want 2H Frost back so badly. That means all of the artifact appearances you've unlocked this xpac will be useless to you. It also seems odd because Frost is so fast and spammy. It would look very strange to see a giant 2H sword being flung around like a twig in order to visually match how many abilities we're actually spamming.

I dont care, either way. I like 'em both. Just don't get the seeming-obsession with it.
2hand made a lot of sense in pvp and was used mereley there, to simply gain big hits, that did not lag, like the 1 hand weapons, while in pve you simply played 2 1hand weapons for masterfrost.

But that was a long time ago.

Blizz tried to give each spec more identity, but it did tax the class as a whole, the frost weapon issue is more an asthetic thing, but consider most sealfheals stacking in blood and how fragile uh/frost is, like thin paper, then you see the issue with that kind of "legion" design, still affecting us in BfA.