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    Quote Originally Posted by VomitPrincess View Post
    At what point did I say I don’t want to welcome any other races into the game???
    If you want more elves, you gonna sk about then, people will ask and if blizzard put more elves they take the spot of other races, simple as that, like i said, many times, the game don't need more elves, especially right now, after ten years maybe, but not now

    “Deep desires”? What? I like elves and would love to have more, if you disagree that’s fine but you’re getting way too personal and hostile about it.
    And what about people who hate/don't like then and don't want more? who blizzard gonna apeasse? the ones who already get 2 new elves or the other side of her fanbase?

    im not getting personal lol, its you taking personal, my only problem is with elves and the whole idea of getting more

    Wanting more elves is the same thing of wanting more sexual diseases, if you still want more, then you are not the brightest person

    I would also like Blizzard to add more orc races that are currently present as well. Great, it’s not like I’m yelling at Blizzard and threatening to unsub if they don’t.
    who would be another terrible idea, if you want customization its perfectly legitime, more options on your elf, blue eyes on the blood elves, more hair colos, hair styles, shit like that, i am the one who go ask that with you

    but more allied races as damn elves again, to steal the spot of other race is asinine
    How did they “destroy” your faction exactly? You’re judging a human being based on the pair of pixels they choose, you sure you’re not just being unpleasant?
    sadly they destroyed, there is no need to explain if you don't know, you will not understand, besides is not the main point of the topic.

    The point is elves are cancer in any fictional fantasy, once you contracted that, there is no cure, however you can and should put in check, so they can't spread and kill the user, just like the cancer.
    Also I’m going to play this game because I enjoy it? What are you even talking about? When did I say I don’t like wow?
    wut, i didn't say you don't like it, i said "if you don't like the game as it is, and need more elves, find out other game, don't keep asking for a no need change"

    I’m homestly confused by your unnecessary comments and self-projections, and I’m sorry that you have such heavy perceptions about people who choose to play the race they like in a video game, apparently.
    people are always the same, they chose to play some race because a reason, is always like that, in any race, is not rocket science.

    Just like "you play horde because you want to be edgy" "you play alliance because you want to be the good guy"

    generalization, yes but the stereotypes are the base, orc players have it, human players have it and elf players have it, coming deep from LotR, the thing is elf players are always the worst and i shard to find exceptions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tankbug View Post
    I agree. Horde was supposed to be "Orcs & friends". I don't really understand why people play blood elf in the degree they do anyway. They could play pretty races on alliance and be surrounded by other pretty races, delicate clothing and beautiful architecture. Instead they chose to be a pretty face among half-beasts living in tents, spiked huts and crude strongholds made from rock and metal. I mean, they didn't go with belf because they love the Horde so much, right?
    and the worst part is a lot of the elf players want to change that, they don't want the half beasts around then, they want more pretty races, they want more change in the architecture, they complain when don't get the spotlight, and demand more because they are the Marjory of the faction, slowly erasing all other races

    Blood elves have more lore and spotlight in the game since TBC, than taurens , trolls and goblin together since Vanilla, and is not enough
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    High elves and undead elves coming out together would be my dream patch, tbh. I'm certain it will happen eventually, the question is just when.

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