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    At 88, soloed Grim Batol heroic (on a hunter), really great XP, so solo cata dungeons definately are an option.

    It was like 3-4k XP per mob, 10k per boss, and 90k for finishing the dungeon, the end boss was easier then the others.

    Might not be the ultimate fastest way to level, but to me it was fun and worth the time.

    I didn't try other dungeons as I was doing Twilight Highlands and just happened to be near Grim Batol.

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    WoD with flying is probably one of the fastest, it's just boring to do the same intro quests over and over and over, but since 7.3.5, I tend to enter the expansion at 92 or so, makes it a bit easier due to heirloom scaling.

    But the huge amount of treasures/bonus objectives means there's a lot of extra free XP outside of questing.

    I also stay till about 102, but you can easily leave at 98 to go to Legion.
    I never unlocked flying for WoD making it considerably worse :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by fathom81 View Post
    You can take the timeless isle portal to gogrond, but then you miss the garisson xp por...dunno if its worth the wod intro vs xp increase tho.
    Quote Originally Posted by Teri View Post
    So that means no garrison at all?

    Can you even quest in frostfire then? I tend to clear Bladespire Citadel at the very least, there's like 10+ treasures in there after questing.
    Taking the gorgrond portal just skips the intro cinematics and scenario. You can still fly over to the garrison area and do the actual 2-3 quests to set it up and get access to the exp pot.

    It's probably actually worthwhile to do the quests to fully unlock the final phase of Bladespire Citedel, too, since there's so many treasures in there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by element zero View Post
    I never unlocked flying for WoD making it considerably worse :/
    For you I would then stay in MoP/Cata until 92(I'm assuming you have flight there). Suffer WoD without flight from 92-98 by doing treasures and bonus objectives, and maybe some questing/dungeons. Leave for Legion at 98. Although without flying in Legion, it's not really much of an improvement.
    If you honestly believe that flying is bad for WoW, then you haven't fully considered the issue, and are just mindlessly repeating something someone else said.

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    I never did any qusts in wod before 7.3.5, just treasures and the easiest bonus objectives. Arent these enough to get to 98?

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