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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerenty View Post
    My issue with the leveling system, comes from having played the game since launch.
    I know the lore, i have done the quests, and i have done them many many many times, end game of the current expansion is where the game is for me. So i will complain all i want, because that is how you get what you want with big companies like Blizzard.
    I don't disagree with you on the game but I very much doubt that complaining is an effective strategy.

    Blizzard don't care what you say. They care about money. The one effective thing you can do is unsub and/or not buy stuff from them. Otherwise you don't exist for all practical purposes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cellineth View Post
    You're insane if you think leveling an alt should take more than the equivalent of 2 full week of work hours.
    You can get so much more done PvPing in that time frame or raiding.
    Yeah man, so why don't you? Just stop playing one alt after another and enjoy what you have. Seriously, I'd much rather spend 100% of my playtime on my main, resulting in the best improvement. I'd understand wanting to play alts in earlier expansions where you cleared the weekly raid and heroic dungeons and had no other chances of improving your gear for that week, but since the introduction of mythic plus the improvement potential is basically unlimited.
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    It's... interesting. I do like being able to go wherever I want to level. it's just frustrating not being able to cruise through dungeons like we used to.
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    after 2 day playtime i did it from 20 to 110 and it was worth it the time because heritage armor but i am not gonna do it again any time sooner. it was a pain in the ass it remembered me of my first lvling time 13 years ago as a restodruid

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meat Rubbing Specialist View Post
    But that's the point here, People like myself that enjoyed Dungeon spamming and hated leveling in the Old World now have to deal with hours of boring content that we hate.

    I don't give a shit that they overhauled leveling, they can keep it for all I care, I just want dungeon spamming to still be a completely viable way to level. Which has literally been my number 1 issue with this entire change.

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    Excusing something for being Bad because something in the past was worse is just inane.

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    Excusing something for being Bad because something in the past was worse is just inane.
    People complain leveling is too hard and slow. Blizz changes that. Players complain it's too fast and easy. Blizz changes that and players complain still!lol

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