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This guy is the reason why Wow became what it is today in term of difficulty. Casual and too easy! What's the purpose of dungeons if you can do it solo mode? Anyways, too many thinks that way and destroyed all kind of challenges that makes Wow satisfying and rewarding! Still a great game but not the game it used to be! The reason why soo many ask for vanilla.

BTW I'm also a healer and I looooved the challenge back in Vanilla, TBC and also pre nerf CATA. Today, I barely have to heal and I dont have any chance to run out of mana... What a challenge!
u 'barely' had to heal ? sorry did u run only lfg dungeons in late wrath ? there is massive difference between having a hard boss, and trash that 1 shot u
if we take wrath example - the best model by proven numbers of subs - wrath has some of hardest bosses that stayed up for way too long, like LK for example, u can youtube if u wish check healers mana and u'll find that it drops way too low, but it wasn't 'unfair' or 'cheating', in cata, u get that from trash mobs, stonecore has many mobs packed together, u get bleed as physical dps, magical enjoy being frozen for 5 sec (or try reflect a dot, as healer that's out of option), let's not forget that even IF no one does a single mistake, u still oom and everyone die, one time in tol barad i mana burned a druid twice, he left the bg, just 1 mana burn removed his ability to heal, a class that wasn't known to oom without using urgent heals
when every single fight turns to 'LK' status for healer it isn't fun at all, and 'this guy' is the majority since that day wow started decline and never recovered from it