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    Yes, aggramar is pretty easy. Not because the mechanics aren't there, but they are pretty straightforward.
    Tey should have designed them a bit more challenging. Now you just position him in the middle and just whack until rend etc. Then turn him around in turns.
    So the only mechanic is for the tanks, after that its just hacking away at aggramar and adds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dracodraco View Post
    I just want to make sure you understand that 70-100 wipes is *not* the average for a coven heroic kill <.<. It's not even the average for a MYTHIC kill. I am genuinely interested in where you got that number from because I am SUPER curious what the source thinks the average for other kills are.
    Meh just going based on what someone else in the group said to me.

    Not really fussed if it isn't or not. Hard work paid off and it made the kill a lot sweeter and better feeling than Argus. Like I said 'Casual socials'. If it helps it's been a one shot since then

    Quote Originally Posted by Vluffyvlaush View Post
    There is a kill% statistic on WoL. Lowest recorded ID on coven HC is 6,3%. Thats an average of 15,9 wipes per kill (including mythic guilds in HC and a lot of pugs). So 100 as average seems way to high.

    Also if you don't have a DK for grips, I wouldn't let the adds walk towards him. There is so much passive cleave, it will die from time to time. Better option is to kite him towards the CCed add. But I only pug without voice, so telling WL to unbanish their adds takes longer than kiting aggramar into it.
    First bit, see above.

    Second bit, I thought cleave might be an issue but it really wasn't, lowest I've seen its hp hit is 50% we just stopped for 3 seconds when it was in line with the melee group. Maybe the kiting technique works better, but we'd need to refine it; we tried it on the first couple of attempts and it just caused chaos. Mind you that was before we realised the pantheon ranged trinket procs will hit targets you CC'd >..>

    I feel like I should defend the guild a bit more, we were formed properly for throne launch, but only a proper full team when heroic started. All new people, you know getting the sync togeather, over awkwardness etc.
    Quote Originally Posted by XangXu View Post
    In major universaties they do not allow students to use the internet for research... for OBVIOUS reasons that you can't see apparently

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    There are guilds ranging from method to not being able to get normal clear till the next raids. If you play with people in your mindset, you will have fun and that is what matters most. So no need to defend your guild.

    About the kiting: The next add you are kiting towards should get a banish so it won't take damage and die before you reach it. Killing adds by cleave gets worse every ID, but as long as the boss dies, the tactic is good enough for your group.

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