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    Macro to automatically search in Group Finder?

    So this has been something I've been wanting for awhile, but the only solution I found was an addon that auto fills the search bar.

    Does a macro/addon exist that automatically enters a specified keyword and searches for groups?

    It'd look something like this:

    Press macro button
    Game searches for a specific keyword in a specific category
    I join a group (manually)

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    This searches automatically for keywords.

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    There is that addon "World quest Tracker" which is mostly handy for world quests, world bosses and Greater Invasion bosses. Or at least that is what I am using for. Basically when you get into a zone or mouseover a boss, you have an icon (lfg icon) which searches for groups for that particular event and shows how many groups it found and then joins you the first you are available for. Automatically.

    However, you should just do shortcut for groupfinder and type into search bar what you want. The shortcut is ctrl+i or just 'i'.
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