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Thread: rollercoasters

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    X2 at sixflags magic mountian. They ride that made me enjot rollercoasters.

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    My favorite rollercoaster is called Saturday morning, and I visit it every week.

    Let's all ride the Gish gallop.

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    First rollercoaster I went on was the Runaway Minecart at Frontierland in Morecambe. It was a Wild Mouse style ride with a high-sided cart, no seatbelts and really tight corners the ride would accelerate into, leading to bruising slams against the side of the cart and occasional hits to the head (it was built in the 1960s.) The park also had a big dipper called the Texas Tornado buit in 1936 and, by the time I rode it in the early 90s, it also had loose restraints.

    The UK doesn't have an awful lot of rollercoasters but for a while in the 90s we had a lot of record breaking ones - The Big One at Blackpool was built as the worlds tallest and steepest (but was actually quite boring.) Alton Towers had Europe's first inverted coaster (Nemesis,) the world's first vertical drop coaster (Oblivion) and what I think was Europe's first flying coaster (Air.)

    My all time favourite is Rita, Queen of Speed (also at Alton Towers.) It's a simple launcher coaster where you get magnetically accelerated at 4.8Gs then coast around a few times to slow down.

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    virginia busch gardens. man all those rollercoasters were great. griffin and alpengeist were awesome. but it always feels too short.

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    I don't like them. What's the point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tennis View Post
    I don't like them. What's the point?
    Thrills and exhiliration.

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