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    Is that what people at the bottom of society do to pass the time?
    Your income seldom exceeds your personal development.

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    I love these people saying that weed is for degenerates and shit.

    At this point i've given up. It'll be legal in July.

    And you know what?

    When the fucking cops keep getting called to the local pub every god damned friday night to break up drunken fighting, while the people at the pot shops are drinking coffee and playing board games...

    Then maybe people will see the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fat Mac View Post
    i dont drink either but i do smoke. whats her reasoning for allowing you to drink if you chose too but not smoke?

    stinks up the house thats for sure
    I don't smoke to be a bit relaxed. I smoke to be baked. When I'm baked I'm useless, she doesn't want me to be useless lol

    She also doesn't like drinking but a beer in the evening or during dinner would be fine. I just don't like alcohol myself all that much so I don't spend money on it.

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