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Thread: Demo Changes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidax View Post
    I am totally not sure what's the crying about there. If you have the balls for it - turn on War Mode, if not - you aren't losing much. Leveling 110-120 is about 20 hours give or take.
    Not so much "crying" as pointing out the bleeding obvous. War Mode is just a way to try to entice people into world PVP and to make levelling less of a grind. Most people will discover that the inevitable griefing, gangking and general faction number/class imbalances will make it not worth the candle: at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidax View Post
    It is there for people who want to participate, most will have it off. I, personally, will mostly have it off, because I don't PvP in WoW and don't care about measly bonuses that don't matter.

    Then I will quickly get fed Mythic Raiding stuff and turn it on, because I will be able to win most of the encounters purely out-gearing the opposition on top of warlocks being generally good duelists. Unfair advantage? Yeah, that's what WPvP and duels were always about. If you want some super fair show of skill - you have arenas.
    It's always been there, it's called a PVP server. Unfortunately, the main effect is War Mode will not be exciting fun, it will mostly be a way to demonstrate that human being in a situation where they can behave like arseholes without fear of retribution will, indeed, behave like arseholes.

    What satisfaction is there from beating someone because you outgear them?

    Apart from sitting at your computer witha smug grin of superiority on your face as you think "I'm bored, I know, I'll go and be a pain in the arse to someone weaker then me, that'll be fun"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebiroth99 View Post
    What satisfaction is there from beating someone because you outgear them?
    A false sense of accomplishment by taking the road with the least resistance. Possible insecurities in not seeing the fun in doing organized PvP such as arena as people tend to remember negative aspects more easily than positive ones as that is how human brains are wired for survival. Regardless of the reason, anyway this thread can get back on topic about Demonology Warlock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebiroth99 View Post
    What satisfaction is there from beating someone because you outgear them?
    Making someone evaporate in several seconds is fun, very satisfying. I do it live, turn on PvP, target some Timmy running with PvP mode on and BBQ.

    What, you think wPvP is some sort of honorable duel of equality? lol. Attacking when you have unfair advantage and running away when you don't is all there is about forever.

    Warmode does nothing new, people who choose to use it can't complain about getting ganked with unfair odds, if anything I think it's a tiniest bit more fair because at least you can't turn it on just like in example above and then drop it with simple whistle - you can only turn it on/off in Stormwind, so at least you commit, unlike now where you can turn it on in people's face - bbq them, then turn off and instantly drop timer with whistle.

    People who will have Warmode on - tanks, healers, guys who can run away anytime like Rogues, OP duel specs and occasional n00bs who don't know better and will turn it off after getting creamed a couple of times, so I find it fair game to counter the actual threats with outstanding gear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nebiroth99 View Post
    What satisfaction is there from beating someone because you outgear them?
    This is such an odd question to me considering how much of games are predicated on people having fun out gearing content.

    I mean, people clear most of wow while over geared and find fun in it without even realizing that's what they're doing. Think of how many games are you running around decimating packs of mobs or what have you. That feeling doesn't suddenly change just because its a player on the other end of it.
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    One of my problems with PvP is the inequality of mechanics. It is silly that a rogue can load you up on posions where you can die even after you kill them (thats if they don't vanish and run away) but the second a demo warlock dies all pets despawn. They need to make our "living" dots stay around after death. Demo needs that "after death" pressure.

    I will likely have warmode on for a little bit to try. But I don't like PvP cause I stink and I always seem to face off against people who can easily kill me. Through gear or bad class match ups. I hate druids because they can break combat and instant mount to run away. But like I said I suck and am fine with it so I run into the basic entry level issues of people who like PvP. I am really only doing it now to grind out rank 2 prestige for first pvp appearance.
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    Warmode perks are not just a leveling speed bonus.

    You are getting 10% more rep and AP on top. It's basically a free bonus for melee and DH/DK tanks.

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    That’s nothing, really. You think things will be any different than they are now where we sit at ungodly amount of AP that we don’t need? Even patches before - you simply got to some milestone, which is easy to achieve and after that the bonuses simply don’t matter. And even if you did have the urge to grind it - it definitely wasn’t done by grinding WQs but spamming M+ where Warmode is not active anyway.

    So some will have “free” 10% increase from WQs only, before they meet their match and waste all that time saved. Waw. Besides that, I highly doubt Warlocks will be the weaker link in Warmode, you will pretty much slaughter every caster you come across by default, for example.

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    I don't think the AP gain has much of an impact, when you'll probably get most of it from instanced content anyway.

    anyways... can we talk about warlocks now?
    Or at least Warlock PVP and not the "no one gives a shit-benefits of warmode?

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    The AP isn't the noticeable difference.The rep is. Playing a human toon vs. any other race should make this obvious, and there are several rep gates to be had. Try grinding up Proudmoore Admiralty rep.

    It's an obvious benefit that should not be reserved for good duelist specs (melee+ tanks). PvP should receive PvP benefits for warmode, that simple.

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    I'm starting to see this conversation as a typical shitters gonna shit thing. If you can't handle your shit as a bloody warlock in the wild - it's on you - stick your tail between the legs, turn off Warmode and suffer the immense penalty of 10% gain to stuff that barely matters in reality.

    The immense advantage of human always was just that - one week earlier getting all the rep rewards than the rest... oooOOoOOooOoOOooo. Guess what, somehow all the non-humans survived there just fine all these years - it seems there is just that immense effort going on trying to make an elephant out of a fly.

    I guess if you try hard enough you can always find an excuse for being bad, so I guess Warmode will be the BfA thing for it.

    I, personally, don't give a flying fuck about your Warmode vies, I know that as warlock I can and always will defeat the majority of the people that I come across, because I will always have an edge over everyone, but the most dedicated PvPers or outright pure counters both because of superior gear and simply because warlocks are good duelists overall.

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