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    Not true. The alliance version of this quest is canon:

    Which means the val'kyr plot was exposed and casus belli was satisfied. Not that he didn't already have it after the Horde's desertion at Broken Shore or, you know, the whole incident where the Forsaken attacked and blighted his kingdom in a truly unprovoked war of conquest... also, I don't know if you've noticed, but the Forsaken are a bunch of shambling undead with an attitude problem. Their very existence is grounds for immediate extermination.
    Cut the shit, Genn mentions repeatedly they didn't know what Sylvanas was after in Stormheim. That quest didn't expose any plot.

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    I could accept that Genn is daft or uninformed enough to not realize that "power of the v...." is "val'kyr" and thus not sure of Sylvanas' exact motivations, but given that the Alliance's intelligence division was being controlled by a Dreadlord actively trying to cover up events in Stormheim, there's literally no other way he could have known the Forsaken were going to be there unless he got that missive from the Greywatch.
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    Horde are the agressors. We did so much to save our planet from legion and certain corruption/death. Big brother sargaras plumps in big sword in our world and is bleeding out and what does horde do attack our planets blood for money and power. We alliance attack them to stop their madness in defence of our dieying planet!

    Apprently its not obvious enough for horde huge ass gaint sword sticking out of our planet and substance is blood seeping out of it we should do anything to fix it. But noo lets mine it hurdurrr horde are faction full stupid races.

    By this point everyone on azeroth knows their planet is aliving thing.
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