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    Favorite Allied Race/Class Combinations?

    Not a "help me pick" thread, I already have a small herd of new alts that I'm nudging along. With that out of the way, what race class combinations are you enjoying?

    I'll confess that I'll probably be pushing Monks along to max level since three of the four allied races can be Monks and get the quests for an XP boost. Still, I wanted to see how the new races play out with other classes so I reincarnated a few old alts that were gathering dust.

    Lightforged practically hit us over the head with "you could make a Paladin" and I did. I'm not very far in, but the ability to call in an airstrike has been nice. More amusing to me though has been my priest. I keep wishing Discipline could be more of a DPS spec, but that isn't going to happen and I'm not a healer. Lightforged Shadow Priest it is then. DoT them up, pop the trinket for tendrils, call in that airstrike.

    Void Elves take care of a cosmetic problem for me. I just didn't like the facial hair for Nelfs (and Belfs aren't much better), but I like the look of Void Elves as Monks and Rogues in particular.

    Nightborne are a bit like Lightforged in that they are an obvious fit for Mage, but without the Lighforged ability to summon AoE. Maybe I just need to get more used to their damage and snare ability but Nightborne probably do the least for me out of the Allied races. My huntress plays well enough, but in a "yep, that's another hunter" fashion.

    Highmountain Tauren may get me to pop for a race change for my Tauren Druid. Roll one and you have a moose, with racials to go along with it. Maybe they aren't really as solid as they feel, but I'm enjoying my Enhancement Shaman with Tremendous Tankard o'Terror transmogs.


    As a side note, I feel like Horde does have a mild advantage in that it is easy to get them from their starting Hearth to Legion's Dalaran by just sticking them on a two seat transport. With Mages and Warlocks there are simple ways for Alliance to get there too, but Horde doesn't need to rely on that.
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    A fucking massive warrior Highmountain, with plate and shit, they look badass

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    I have 6 characters out of the new allied races.

    - Lightforged Draenei male paladin
    - Lightforged Draenei female priest
    - Void Elf female hunter
    - Void Elf female warlock
    - Nightborne female mage
    - Highmountain Tauren female druid

    They all also have some of kind of mog that are usually sets in Vanilla WoW. Like for my pally, I have the whole judgment set plus ashkandi. For my priest, I have transcendence set with benediction. The others have miscellaneous xmog. For my hunter, it's just a low level mail set that I liked the look of. For my warlock, she is wearing vestment of the shifting sands along with other misc matching items. For my mage, she has the robes of the exalted with other matching items. For my druid, I have the Nordrassil raiment set waiting for her at level 58 along with matching staff for that set.

    I might change up my mogs later on maybe but for now, I am sticking with those above. I will only change them if I get bored with looking at them. Also, I have heirlooms so I don't have to keep switching it up every time I get new gear.

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