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    Quote Originally Posted by DietzThought View Post
    Companion - You have to escort a friendly NPC to the end of the instance. He has to be healed, and if he stands in the fire you can click on him to make him move.
    I like Companion, but with a twist. The affix is...

    CARRY: You must 4-man the dungeon because your 5th slot is taken by an NPC who is unreliable and contributes very little (weak random heals and dps).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brewmaster Kolee View Post
    I like Companion, but with a twist. The affix is...

    CARRY: You must 4-man the dungeon because your 5th slot is taken by an NPC who is unreliable and contributes very little (weak random heals and dps).
    That's already something people put up with. They don't need it as an affix.

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    I'm not sure if it was suggested, but what about thorns aura? Specific mobs are given a 20yard thorns aura like cenarius. I think that'd be a nice low-level affix.

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    All mobs and bosses have disproportionate large genitals with which they regularly slap players of the opposite (or in some cases same) sex.

    I'm sorry i'm drunk i'll take my infraction and go to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killwithpwr View Post
    Favoritism towards Melee?
    I love it!

    How about: "Shared Suffering" - every %seconds the Tank explodes for a massive amount of damage, shared between all group members within %yards.
    Forcing the group to either stack, using Tank CDs in a sofisticated way or external CD management.
    Shared suffering sounds more annoying than anything, you dont have enough cds in the world to survive every few seconds, and forcing everyone else to move is a nuisance than anything.

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    Slippery : Every 4-6 second your character slides for 1 second.
    This means that when slippery procs you will continue sliding for 1 sec at the direction you were moving (Standing still does not proc this). This means that you could slide into aids, cleave or end up pulling a additional pack. Need to be extra careful about your movement and take the potential slide effect into consideration when moving about.

    Another variation of this is
    Roots : Every 4-6 sec your character is rooted for 1 sec.
    Means that every 4-6 sec you are unable to move for one second. This effect should only occur when you are in combat.

    Friend or Enemy: Every 40 seconds you get a friend or enemy debuff that lasts for 4 seconds.
    The friend debuff requires you to stack up with other friends. The enemy debuff requires you to stay 8 yards away from other players.
    If the debuff expires without its requirements being met then a group wide explosion that deals 30% of players max hp will happen.
    The debuff will only occur in combat and to players that are within 50 yards or something of another player.
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    Re-live the fabulous old experience of "Brood Affliction: Bronze," random periodic stun for 4 seconds. This time of course rubbing any amount of that hourglass sand in your wounds won't help. Or maybe the hunter class call from Nefarian; "Unequip your weapons NOW or they are toasted." The wild polymorph could be "very interesting" as well..

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    In patch 8.0.41 we get...
    New Mythic Keystone dungeon affixes:
    • Frothing – A mass of tiny bubbles builds up from the floor as you go. Not bad at first, but …
    • Languid – Everything and everyone in the dungeon just kind of feels like taking some extra time and really savoring the moment.
    • Smacking – Someone in this dungeon is eating very loudly and oh my god if they take one more bite I am going to RAGE.
    • Spackling – All holes and crevices in the dungeon are slowly being filled with putty and smoothed over. It’s really distracting, yet oddly satisfying at the same time.
    • Twerking – Okay, this was a bad idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klaps_05 View Post
    Affixes so far have always been about tanks and healers - its time to make the DPS' life misery.

    Fixate - Mobs randomly fixate on you, become immune to CC(slows allowed, no roots) and instant kill you if they reach you. Healers/Ranged preferred, melee if no one else.
    Darkness - You can only see up to 8 yards around you (ala Kiljaeden). Mobs can only attack you if they are in your vision.
    Branded - 4 players are branded with 2 different marks. Each player much reach the other player with his matching mark or explode. (ala Star Augur)
    Madness - occasionally one of your party is Mind Controlled. Requires hard CC or 50% hp to break.
    Surestep - the Kirin Tor have provided you with a specific route to walk on in the dungeon(like the puzzles to be solved around Legion). You can only see 2 squares ahead and 2 squares back of your character. If you step out of the squares, you get stunned for 2 sec and teleported back to the nearest square.
    Half of these I can see being blamed on the Healer as usual.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mistwalker Nirmala View Post
    In my opinion, it's time for affixes that have only impact on damage dealers and should not carried out on the shoulder of Tank/Heal.

    Reflection:While infight there is a Chance to create a reflection of a random DPS-Member of the Group. Reflection spawns near the affected player and can only be seen by him. While the Reflection is active, the player can't see any Mobs and have to kill his Add. If not killed, the player is getting killed instandly(no Immunities/Damage Reductions/Cheat Death Mechanics allowed).

    Void: While infight with trash there is a chance a to open a void portal which draws a random DPS player to him. Can only be seen by DPS specs. If not closed by a not-affected player, the affected one getting oneshotted.

    Edit: And remove Skittish. It's not a Affix, it's basically just frustating and have nothing to do with Skill or other gameplay.
    These are alright !
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    Sinus: From start to finish, you get a debuff that goes from +10% to -10% dmg/heal output and player max health over 30 seconds and then back. Would make dungeon runs more dynamic of "pull more when at +, pull less or slower when at -. Timing and extent of the %-age can be flexible. Actually, if I remember correctly, this is one of the buffs in the Argus portals.

    Stationary: All mobs are stationary & apply group-wide ticking damage if noone is in melee range. Potentially too much of a drag as you cannot do mega mass pulls at all any more and would heavily favor DKs/DHs with their mass grips, so a variant on it could be
    Momentum: When any mob is moving, it receives a stacking buff that increases its damage by x% (probably difficult to balance in high m+s) or a stacking buff that does x amount of ticking damage to the whole group. Objective is to make mass pulls more difficult, but possibly just punishing the healer.

    Windy: At regular intervals, wind pushes the whole group (and - if technically possible - all mobs as well) into a random direction (Guldan boss style). A bit boring, but it would not break in combination with other affixes.

    Super-Mario'ed: All along the dungeon, there are blocks that you can jump onto that then spawns mushrooms that buff your dps, heal or max health at random (but telegraphed). Time spent on jump&run could be recovered by those buffs, adding more complexity to the pull routes.

    Obnoxious: Every player has an imp sitting on their shoulders that grows more and more restless as time goes by. Needs to be fed & entertained or it inflicts damage on the player. Food & Entertainment could be looted from specific mobs in a dungeon - possibly even additional mobs that only spawn in this affix. If happy, the imp provides a buff (needed to offset time lost for feeding/entertaining).

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    Frustration: Every 15 seconds a random player (deck draw, cycles through everyone before someone can get it again) get the Frustration debuff: The next spell you cast recharges 50% slower or has a 10 sec cooldown, whichever is longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKnubbles View Post
    Freezing: Every second while standing still, you gain 1 stack of Freezing Blood, slowing movement speed by 10%. Upon reaching 10 stacks, you're stunned for 3 seconds. Moving removes a stack of Freezing Blood.

    Basically, keep moving or you freeze. it's kind of like the final boss of The Nexus.
    No thanks to yet more mechanics that punish casters, who MUST stand still to do their damage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkynhalvos View Post
    No thanks to yet more mechanics that punish casters, who MUST stand still to do their damage.
    Just inch over between casts or jump if you have to. It's not that bad. All stacks would be gone when running to new packs.

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