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    "Single, lonely, disturbed" gamer killed by cops after breaking into streamer's home

    PC Gamer: YouTubers Gavin Free and Meg Turney survive break-in by armed, deranged fan
    The suspect, who drove 11 hours to break into their home, was killed by police.

    An Albuquerque Journal report says YouTubers Gavin Free and Meg Turney were forced to hide in a closet as an armed, deranged fan searched their home for them last month. Christopher Giles, who the article describes as "single, lonely, and disturbed," eventually left the house after being unable to locate the couple, and was subsequently killed in a confrontation with police.

    The report states that Giles, "an avid player of videogames and was known for watching YouTube videos that were centered on his hobby," had "developed a fondness" for Turney, and a simultaneous resentment of Free, her boyfriend.


    The incident illustrates the escalation of invasive and often violent interactions between prominent online gaming personalities and their audience, which has also seen multiple 'swatting' incidents occurring in 2017 among the gaming community.

    Gavin Free is the former creative director of Rooster Teeth, and also the creator and co-host of The Slow Mo Guys series on YouTube. Turney joined Rooster Teeth in 2014, streams regularly on Twitch, and is also well known as a cosplayer. At time of publication, neither Free or Turney had issued a public statement.
    Something to think about this Valentine's Day. Stay safe fellow MMO-Championers. I know this day is super hard for us gamers.

    I too went through a phase where I was obsessing over Panser/TradeChat (of Wowhead video fame), but luckily I limited myself to e-stalking - hence why I'm still here today and not six feet under with a policeman's bullet lodged in my skull. Since then I've learned to be comfortable with myself and that I will be ForeverAlone and an incel. Girlfriends are too expensive and needy anyway, and have STDs.

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