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    Did stuff when it was cutting edge for years, this xpac or , maybe even last 2 I find the majority of mythic raiders to be impatient , elitist and highly toxic people who I cannot bring myself to invest my personal time in being around. I'm sure that is not the case everywhere but a good example as a heroic raider. When I get into heroic pug raids and there happens to be 1 or a few mythic raiders in the group, generally I find these people to be intolerable human beings. Sure they raid mythic so don't want to put up with fails or carries in a heroic pug(well don't join them then imo Mr. Mythic person!) I get that but their general attitude towards there fellow human being is usually pretty pathetic and disgusting(oh it's the internet, its ok? yeah I call b.s.).....hence why I cant be bothered to app to a mythic raid guild. I was lucky for 2 xpacs I was in one, cleared everything and they were generally the nicest people(a couple officer exceptions), but I found them to be rare in my travels. I'm not a snowflake or above criticism, that's one thing, treatment of others is another......It say's a lot about who you are and how you were raised to behave.

    ....and there you have it. too many toxic mythic raiders to bothered trying to spend my time with folks like that. You have to get super lucky to find the right ones from my experience.

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    I don't care anymore to "feel good" or tryhard/add more stress. I enjoy the casual life now

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    I stopped 1 Month ago because it bored me 80% of my loot was weekly quest or bonusroll titanforged from hc and i dont care about the titels anymore or the mounts and the fact that Normal and Heroic can give me better Loot +m to is one of the reasions i dont Raid Mythic anymore (978 itemlvl wih my Restoration Shaman).

    But with BFA i am trying mythic again maybe they make Mythic great again from the Loot Perspective lets see what happens in the next couple Months.

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    Because i can't dodge shit and dps so i'll better off leeching in LFR.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaidax View Post
    Your problem is that you are tryharding too much. It is perfectly possible to raid Mythic and not do all the nonsense you have mentioned. You don't HAVE to be top 10 guild and not even top 100.

    You're speaking for yourself, not me. There's no way I'm investing the amount of time required OUTSIDE OF RAIDING to be competitive in today's mythic raiding scene, and I lasted for 3 weeks of the xpac of actually not try harding, realzing try harding actually was necessary this xpac, then quitting. One of the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life, by the way. And "try harding" I don't even think is the right term because to me that kind of just means playing focused... Legion didn't require focus... it required not having a day job and the will to grind that same crap over and over for a few more rolls at a random legiondary.

    In order to invest just the actual raiding time, on a schedule, that WAS necessary in the past I need to be in a top 100 guild or it's just not worth my time... I'll quit the game and play something else which respects my time more. That's exactly what I did. Again, one of the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life.

    My point is that you should be able to compete at the bleeding edge without quitting your 9-5 job. I've done that in that past and it wasn't an issue. A "competitive" scene which endlessly rewards grind that doesn't even involve the actual competitive activity isn't about skill any longer... it's just about having time.
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