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    adult themes as in: show primarily for kids but with adult themes such as avatar
    or cartoon specifically for adults?

    because there's plenty from both.

    from the first type: Adventure time, Gravity falls, Steven Universe come to mind right away, perhaps even star vs the forces of evil.

    for the second type: bojack horseman and rick and morty are among the best shows running atm period, not even just animation.

    plus the plethora of amazing animes out there.

    animation is better than ever now, but I'M not sure why you cite rebels as some great show, it's pretty much just "oK" with the occasional gem episode here and there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    Why are you being so ridiculously hostile?
    Because he has no real argument to bring to the conversation.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    Because we finally can have a gay character in a TV show without being the butt of a joke and insuating it is because of "pc gone mad" is incredibly insulting. Among the other garbage they spouted.
    I could care less about having them in today's show's so long as it is not FORCED just to fit a political narrative. One of my Fave shows from back in the day was Wil n Grace. I could care less that they were both gay, the show was about them and it fit with the current times. Same with Ellen.

    In today's political climate and Social Media, i you do not hit all the check marks, even if it does not fit the shows direction, then the producers will be called out and well..... hell lets fit EVERY SJW PC check mark in a show. There are other shows that I like that have most of those check marks and they fit in that shows narrative. I am ok with that.

    Secondly, you do know that it is OK to crack a joke about ANYTHING and it not be a hidden hate towards something right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    Well reasoned arguments don't work against people like that and they're not worth the emotional investment.

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    Which is just made up bullshit.

    Someone calls you out for name calling and you deflect rather than provide meaningful debate or opinion.....

    Nice deflection you have there. You have weak arguments to my post but claim that I am the one not worth investment. I will gladly debate with you. IF you can provide actionable content worth peoples time....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josuke View Post
    Well i am the person I hate the most in the world so that is at least consistent. I want to make people like them feel as bad as they make me feel.
    WoW...... you REALLY are some special kind of snowflake........ perhaps you are not worth my time afterall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tico View Post
    Yes, I also think political correctness (which is not a bad thing in general) has gone beyond a point.
    Agreed. Personally, I dont care if shows want to hit the PC marks, there are several that I like. Personally or me Teen Titans seemed to have some of them, but perhaps I was just not thinking clearly. The original I mean not those huge eyed big headed Teen Titans Go.

    SouthPark at the start did a good job taking jabs at PC but they started to go too far. From joking about the PC crowd to downright bashing them

    Political Correctness used properly and in proper context is a great thing and has made great strides in both cartoon and live television.

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    Could a show like "All in the Family" get made today?

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    When you want an Adult cartoon that will make you feel and is Serious, so serious you can't take it. And also contains one of the most hated and brilliant antagonists of all time.

    Although I recommend reading the manga. Still. You want Serious Themes
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    Quote Originally Posted by matheney2k View Post
    Why are you being so ridiculously hostile?
    Because he is one of the SJW's animators have to think about or else.

    And yes, it extends to movies as well.

    A movie like Mrs Doubtfire or Ace Venture would never be made today. SJW would scream and threaten as hard as they could.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gorsameth View Post
    'nowadays' and you list Clone Wars.
    fuck me I feel old now...

    Everything he listed came out while I have been an "adult"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LiiLoSNK View Post
    Networks don't want to be sued for making anyone sad/triggered.
    When it comes down to it I think this is the reason here.

    We live in a very sensitive society today where everything and anything can be offensive in some way. So these stations take the safe route and stay away from the dark and more serious stuff. I mean look what happened when Samurai Jack came back. It couldn't survive one season without there being some kind of controversy (I think it was something about something being sexist or whatever, I forget).

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    I'm just laughing my ass off at that Berserk trailer. They picked the WORST narrator for that job...he sounds like he's trying to announce a direct to VHS Disney sequel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CmdrShep2154 View Post
    Nothing wrong with that but I remember when there was shows like this!

    war, politics, romance, etc.!

    I am curious why is there less cartoons that are as serious as those old shows.

    Are today's parents more protective? Are today's animators and producers less interested in serious themes? Is it culture? Since the world is becoming scarier people want more escapist lighthearted entertainment? Or do people watch a lot less TV? Are young people who would be the target demographic of this type of show spending time playing video games instead of TV?

    Should Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network make something to compete with Star Wars Rebels and Voltron?
    Think you need to progress to Anime, not Cartoons.
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    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler

    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    Or the Rob Schneider guy from South Park:

    "Guts was just an ordinary mercenary. But he's going to find out that saving his friends isn't so easy. Coming soon, Guts is: The Black Swordsman! Rated PG-13!"

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    I don't see the issue, I watch Anime for my adult themes. Outside of Watership Down and War Dogs, I don't think I've seen many cartoons with an adult theme from the West.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuckSparkles View Post
    Because he is one of the SJW's animators have to think about or else.

    And yes, it extends to movies as well.

    A movie like Mrs Doubtfire or Ace Venture would never be made today. SJW would scream and threaten as hard as they could.
    Um... Deadpool? Or any Seth McFarlane movie?

    I think the online crowd's mind ghosts of SJW's is slowly turning them into the biggest SJW's...
    Ever noticed how it seems impossible to make Classic sound good, without first attempting to make current WoW sound bad?

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    I remember this as a kid. Talking about death of Sesame Street. Still gets to me

    Real theme starts at 4:10

    I think it's very important for TV to teach kids about all important life lessons, loss, love and fear. Kids need this. I grew up in the 80's and 90's and my god kids shows knew no bounds to rip out your heart strings.

    Sure some of the PSA's were cheesy as hell and really did nothing other than try and shove it down your throat. (Looking at You Captain Planet). But when TV got it right they did it really well. IF its about racism, prejudice, or addiction, TV was always there for me to teach me this stuff

    I don't watch cartoons now days, I feel a bit old, sometimes if there's a show people recommend like Gravity falls I'd watch that. I remember that having some really serious themes. But for the most part I think emotional themes are still there in cartoons, but I cannot say for sure as I am not a kid anymore. Only that as a kid I remembered when I was young there were a lot of moments I remember that did give life lessons.

    I grew up watching a lot of Don Bluth movies like Land Before Time, American Tale and Secret of Nimh. Don Bluth was the master of teaching lessons to kids....

    As you follow the escapades or the journey of the hero through a story, it evokes some kind of emotion in the viewers. The director's job is to make sure that the audience goes through the journey and has an emotional reaction. - Don Bluth
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoWGoneBad View Post
    Society itself and the need to feed the hate and drama people is what happened to cartoons. And not just cartoons, but TV and even movies.

    If you joke about race you are racist.
    If you do not include a minority or a black character you are racist
    If you make a joke about gays you are a homophobe
    If you do not include gays in your program you are a homophobe against the LGBTQ community
    If you do not include a Gender neutral you are against the LGBTQ community
    If you make a joke about allergies or how people react to them you are mean.
    If you speak out against government you are an anarchist
    IF you speak out against religion you are something to that(not sure what lol
    If you make jokes about introverts you are targeting them
    If you make jokes about disabled you are mean
    If you make jokes about a persons bad experiences you are mean.

    If you made it to this line in this post the TL;DR is this, today's directors and producers cannot make shows that are creative to their liking or style because there will ALWAYS be someone who will be OFFENDED by something or anything that you did or did not include........\

    Can you imagine all that people of today and the horrors they would have to endure if they were adults in the Golden Age of the 70's 80's and early 90's where shows and actors could actually have FUN and crack jokes and the audience KNOWING that it was just that a joke and had NO real reference or impact on the people..........

    Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Red Foxx, man I miss these people and their I dont give a F**K what you think approach to comedy, movie and show design.

    When you have to go through 100 different censors and make sure you include ALL the check marks of the SJW PC crowd......... is the show you are wanting to create still your original creation? When you have to completely redesign a show so that you can hit all the check marks, is it really worth the effort?
    Your opinions stated here are so far removed from reality. What this sounds like to me is you like being an asshole and have gotten called out on it, so now you're projecting... A LOT.

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    well are merchandise sales up or down? Most of those shows may have made money, but do current ones sell toys? Did those shows the OP remembers sell a lot of toys?

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    Also as stated....... most kids are prob just watching youtube or what ever trend is next. Video games have also become waaaayyyy more prevalent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    I don't see the issue, I watch Anime for my adult themes. Outside of Watership Down and War Dogs, I don't think I've seen many cartoons with an adult theme from the West.

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    Um... Deadpool? Or any Seth McFarlane movie?

    I think the online crowd's mind ghosts of SJW's is slowly turning them into the biggest SJW's...
    I wonder what it's like to be so offended that someone might be offended by something you end up becoming the very thing you hate?
    Quote Originally Posted by TheGravemind View Post
    If I was in his boots (and forced to join the SS in 1939 or whenever he joined), I would have tried to liberate the camp myself or die trying. He did not. He traded his life for the life of thousands of people, thus he should face the consequences
    Quote Originally Posted by Proberly View Post
    Oh would you now? It truly is amazing how many heroic people we have wasting their time on internet.

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    I think it just boils down to budget, with cartoons these days just having much smaller ones (assuming they're not CGI based, which a lot of shows tend to be now days).

    It's why you look at an 80s cartoon, and most human characters are designed to basically look like normal people.

    But then you look at stuff made now a days and stuff is massively stylized. Super Hero cartoons are a good example, compare Robin in Teen Titans Go! (Ignoring the horrible, brain destroying content of seriously don't watch TTG, it's bad, man, it messes you up) with how Robin looked in something like super friends. in TTG he's massively super-deformed and really doesn't have alot of detail to him, where as in superfriends he does and is drawn to look like an actual person.

    Another example is the TMNT, compare the art style of the most recent nick version to the 80s TMNT.

    And this is why I say the shows must have much smaller budgets (not surprising when it seems like every animated show is farmed out to south korea), so ugly super deformed characters would be cheaper to both draw and animate, they have less detail so they don't take as long to draw and as they're less detailed, I'd imagine they can take more shortcuts in the animations frames (Something it's much harder to get away with when you aim have normal looking characters. That's why Dragon Ball Super copped alot of flak at 1st)
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    Or even just the originale DC Justice league, or the batman animated series. Those are good, especially the Batman, even if its set in a futuristic Earth.

    Fuck, every time I watched my sisters TV, I cringe. Nothing of it is any good, its pure low tier animated comedy bull shit with no plot, 100% safe and crowd pleasing.
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