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    Red face What is cakephp ? Here is the answer

    Cakephp is like getting hit in the balls with a bloody bowling ball on fire .

    - Anyone that uses it willingly is probably insane.
    - Anyone that eventually uses it goes insane.
    - Individuals that force other individuals to use cakephp are evil and should be dealt with.

    - This website looks like a cakephp offspring

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    This thread is maybe worse then your World of Warcraft ones. And it's not easy task.
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    Life hack: Unsub for 6 months and come back when you think the game is fun again.

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    I'm not a fan of PHP (I developer under node.js, but PHP has plenty of uses), but what's your reasoning for feeling like this about it?

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    Can you provide some information as to what Cakephp or.. something with content? Otherwise we can just close this thread as spam.
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