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    Void Elves are dumb. If they HAD to give Alliance Elves...

    ...then Blizzard should have had Alleria leading a band of High Elven Rangers. Having been completely disconnected from their people since the Second War, when they returned, they wouldn't understand all that had happened during the Third War and beyond, and would naturally just try picking up the pieces of their former lives alongside the Alliance.

    Much as Alleria is seen sporting some pretty sweet war-paint (tattoos?), have these elves firmly planted as more rugged (giving them the same sorts of facial-hair designs as Void Elves now sport). Maybe recognizing their former kingdom being split in two now, you could still give them a new name ("Wood Elves" seems overused, but along those lines), with a more Ranger-centric culture, but with carrying on with Priests and presumably a few odd Mages and Paladins.

    Void Elves are just *SO* out-of-nowhere, I feel like Blizzard made a huge mistake with them. I mean, two of the Allied Races are dark, purple elves, which we already had, and the "lore" behind them just feels really shallow and contrived. Realistically, there's no way they could have established any sort of "culture" of their own, and it makes even less sense for Lor'themar to exile them for using Void when historically, he lead the Blood Elves when they were using fucking FEL magic!

    I dunno. It's just the one race where I feel like "maybe Blizzard really *is* running out of ideas, because that's really grasping at straws". Especially when, in my opinion, Blood Elves still never really got their time in the spotlight (even in TBC, their role in the Horde was secondary, at best, to Orcish architecture and armor-designs). As someone who really resonated with the Blood Elf campaign in the Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne expansion, I feel like they're a race that could have been a lot more exciting, but always wound up sidelined (though I love the character they've made of Lor'themar).

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    Void Elves are just *SO* out-of-nowhere
    They aren't.

    The idea of Blood Elves messing with the Void is an old one, tracing back to High Astromancer Solarian, a boss of Tempest Keep who could turn into a Voidwalker. In addition, Alleria Windrunner's story arc in Mac'aree serves as prologue for the Ren'dorei's introduction.

    Realistically, there's no way they could have established any sort of "culture" of their own

    Why not? According to the respectable Cambridge Dictionary, 'Culture' refers to:

    'the way of life, especially the general customs and beliefs, of a particular group of people at a particular time:'

    So it was inevitable that the Ren'dorei would develop a culture of their own, centered around the Void and the study of this ancestral force. And besides, their numbers are rising (with both Sin'dorei and Quel'dorei visiting the grandeur of Telogrus and dabblind into the Void), they have a solid leadership, powerful allies, and a settlement in the ominous Telogrus Rift.

    Also, you will be happy to hear this, but it would seem that the Ren'dorei will play a role in the upcoming Siege of Lordaeron, so if you thought 'Ah, well, they are just an Allied Race, they won't be very important lorewise', you are wrong. My advice: get accustomed to the Ren'dorei, for you will be seeing them a lot in the future, especially in the inevitable Void-themed expansion.
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    if you wanna play pretty white elves, join the horde.

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    I initially thought they were silly indeed. But truth to be told I find their theme much more intruiging and appealing than your regualr fantasy elf. If there is option that is bland as human in fantasy setting and it is something akin to high elf.

    So I would put them over blood elves in ters of appeal, as they're feeling enigmatic, powerful and mysterious (I believe that their music was a major factor in achieving this feeling instead of regular elven "UuuuuUuuuu" songs). As for Blood elves well there is nothing truly defining to them ever since Sunwell patch bak in TBC.

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    They really aren't that dumb and honestly as an alliance player I'm happy that we have the first playable "void" race! They've only started, give them time to build up new lore and story lines for them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by united View Post
    if you wanna play pretty white elves, join the horde.
    Hahaha great point unfortunately
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    Every race is "SO-OUT-OF-NOWHERE" in the beginning. That's the way it is. You cannot witness a born of a new race and expect them to have a million years long story.

    Still more interesting than the regular "every fantasy" elves.
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    That's same excuse from you and so many others on this website and your right some of threads do bully high elf fans to a point where they might end up losing their minds to a point of a mass shooting.

    I can't wait to see the day Void Elves die and go extinct. ... they should listen and give something better than Emo Elves.

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    No, /endthread
    People wanting High Elves, but hating on Void Elves are a special kind of stupid

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    There are plenty of active threads about Allied Races, including Void Elves. Closing this.
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