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    Quote Originally Posted by Slant View Post
    That's right. The religion of massacre and bloodshed does not tolerate pesky kids dying to infringe on their right to own a toy. Because fuck those kids.
    That's exactly what the media likes.

    Your right is more important. Because your parents, grandparents and how many generations you can go back, they bled and sweated for the USA so spoiled little brats like all those in that retarded protest can come along and suddenly decide that egoism is what the American dream is about, isn't that right tough guy? :P
    I fixed your quote so it highlights exactly the problem with the reaction to this event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Didactic View Post
    Just like persecuting Protestants stopped Protestants from being a thing.


    Human rights, and if you don't think that is applicable here then you'd best give up any pretenses of being left-wing.

    I hereby formally revoke your Lefty Card as a member of the International Conspiracy of Homosexuals and Jewish Bankers.
    This is mighty ironic given that you talk like a let's do nothing centrist/liberal.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sky High View Post
    Fuckin go away Elba, no one likes you.

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