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    Syrian, Russian, and Iranian troops are gearing up for another fight with the US

    Syrian media says the country’s army is preparing an offensive on an eastern Syrian town to fight ISIS, but ISIS isn’t there – and the US is.

    The US has recently been clashing with Russian, Iranian, and Syrian forces in eastern Syria, dealing them devastating defeats.

    It looks like the Syrian army and its backers could be headed for another such defeat.

    Now it seems it not a War against ISIS anymore, but a fight over control of Syria.
    I presume Israel may back the USA if it gets too out of hand. Especially with Iranians there.

    US forces have been doing very well against the Russian ground forces so far

    Do you think the battle for Syria will escalate.?
    Could this be the start of the Battle of Armageddon ?

    The US and the SDF hold much of eastern Syria, where the Syrian Army and its Lebanese and Iranian backers will head. Al Masdar announced the offensive would begin in three weeks and move under the cover of Russian airstrikes and with Iranians, who are thought to have 70,000 fighters in Syria.

    Those fighters may well meet the 2,000 or so US troops in Syria, but despite the numerical advantage, pro-regime forces have fared poorly against the US.

    The US-led coalition responded with “AC-130 gunships, F-15s, F-22s, Army Apache helicopter gunships and Marine Corps artillery,” according to Fox News reporter Lucas Tomlinson. CNN also reported that rocket launchers and MQ-9 drones were used in the attack.

    The Pentagon said it had killed 100 pro-regime fighters, but a later report from Bloomberg indicated that as many as 300 Russian military contractors had been killed in the fighting.

    Days later, the Pentagon told Business Insider that a US drone destroyed a Russian-made T-72 battle tank firing towards the SDF and its coalition partners.

    Russian Tank..Killed by a US Drone

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    The Syrian War has been a proxy war since day 1 and not since ISIS has been largely defeat.

    No one just sends their own people (and Money) to get killed just to help someone. ISIS has always merely been a scapegoat as ALL international forces have been pretty much fightinh each Other for the most time (The main reason everyone actually fought ISIS was to conquer Highways* and oil fields).

    * For example Iran... they've always used Syrian and Iraqi highways to supply the lebanese Hezbollah... highways that were under ISIS Control just recently.
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    That Russia has an interest in keeping Assad in power is not anything new.

    Things are not very likely to heat up more than being the proxy war it already is.

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    Russian ain't got no money, the Iranians are paying the Russians to defend Syria because Russia is broke.

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