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    I use bear tartar on m+ runs. Healers usually provide speed buffs too.

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    Sometimes I think "There's a mob over there I wanna run over and cleave his face with my axe."
    But I'm slow and that would take too long.
    So I yank his butt to where I'm standing and I cleave his face with my axe.
    And I smile while doing it.

    "Remember it's a game. Have a beer buff. Chill." ~ Brewmaster Kolee

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    I've heard some DKs build speed sets (sets with high speed and/or stack large amounts of a particular stat to combine with legendary boots). Make a normal equipment set and a speed equipment set and then toggle between trash if the distance is worthwhile and you can't mount.

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    I have multiple gear sets that I have bound and I swap constantly

    - frost single target
    - frost AOE
    - frost Sindragosa legs
    - frost speed set
    - frost avoidance/defensive
    - blood speed
    - blood single target
    - blood AOE

    This does become a bitch to update when you get upgrades, but ultimately worth it.

    For heroic dungeons I just tank as frost and mow everything down. For tanking +15-17 I generally just stay in blood AOE and speed sets and only swap to ST right before bosses. For +18-20 it just depends on the affixes.

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    Just because a BDK needs to actually think ahead more and needs to know better how the boss mechanics work doesnt mean we have bad mobility. Your problem does not lay with your mobility but with your mindset, classes work different and if youre not interested/want to faceroll with movement abilities from bosses youre probably indeed better off with a dh or warrior. There is no fight in Legion that requires more mobility than we currently have, and if you do feel its sketchy or are not yet comfortable on a fight you can use the legendary boots.

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