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    Blood elf. Because I didnt want to play a Tauren at the time, but now I'd be perfectly fine with playing a tauren if the race chance wasnt so incredibly overpriced. And because I dont play Alliance anymore.

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    Was a Human because I thought Dwarfs were ugly and retarded (still do) and then when I went Horde I had to choose Belf because that was the only Horde race.. Tauren Paladins look ugly as hell so I'm not changing. I was hoping for Zandalari but Blizzard shit on that dream so Belf I will stay.

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    Blood Elf female (my first pala, started as Human back in WOTLK, race changed to Belf mid-MoP as I went back Horde)
    Male Tauren
    Male Dwarf
    Male Draenei
    Female Tauren
    Female Lightforged Draenei

    I go for class/race combos that look good in a class' sets of gear, but human males are just too damned horrible when it comes to run animations and shit... Which sucks, because I think they look the best as Paladins.
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    Tauren, because I play on Horde and I would rather play that over Blood Elves.

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    Blood elf. Arcane torrent is great for AoE pulling those casters in dungs and also catching enemny healer off guard in bg/arena.

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    Human because the only other option at the time was a Dwarf and I didn't want to play a Dwarf.

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    Blood Elf. Free mana + silence + 1% crit == the best holy pala stat

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    Draenei for the racials (kinda locked into Alliance, would probably be BE otherwise).

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    Tauren, Cus all other races that can be paladins suck.

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    Dwarf. I like their solidarity and stoutness. Solid.

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    Human because of how the armor looks on male humans.

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    Tauren male. I play horde and am not a fan of blood elves. Were there another race option I'd likely choose it.

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    Male Blood Elf, strictly because I think they look great in just about all armor. I was hoping for Zandalari, but, poof.

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    Male human since 2005 Human because thats the only race that are true paladins! Everyone else is something different than a paladin (except dwarfs) and are only grouped up as paladins for mechanics

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    Zandalari Paladin because i love the prelates and the fantasy of doing something in an unexpected way (worshipping the loa instead of just the light)

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    BE, because it's the only option Horde has.

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    Blood elf because that was the only game in town.

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    Dwarf because Might of the Mountain for holy

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    It was Blood Elf because female belf healing animations is the best ingame. Then guild turned alliance for Legion, so I changed to Draenei female because their story is good and the looks and animations are nice.

    Now though, it is a Lightforged. I feel it is an upgraded Draenei. Really digging how nice it is. And Army of the Light is a RP-element for it.
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