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    Female human, cus i already had too many males

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    Human i like the way shoulders and swords fit the frame of a human

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    Lightforged, I have to get my AoE from somewhere..
    People don't forgive, they forget. - Rust Cohle

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    Human because the racial is SO USEFUL. Even if it did get nerfed

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    Initially was a Blood Elf, but leveling a Fight Forged one right now; which is going to be my main.

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    human male, because i couldn't be a gnome paladin
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    Human paladin. Thanks, WarCraft 3.

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    Female Blood Elf. That's what I picked almost 10 years ago and I haven't looked back!

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    Was a dwarf, now he's a dark iron dwarf.

    Basically he's an old DID supremacist who wields Sulfuras and secretly wishes that Ragnaros was still around.


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    Blood Elf because Taurens look dumb

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    Human, cause i cant be a High Elf...

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    Human for the reputation bonus. The only reason I even made a human character was so I can farm up the allied races. I want those Dark Iron Dwarves. Just that. I could not care any less about Lightgoats or Yet-another-elf-subrace. So many elves...

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