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    Quote Originally Posted by Theangryone View Post
    Zandalari because Belfs and Tauren are terrible
    All Horde races of paladins are a fucking joke.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiza View Post
    Yet they chose a human Paladin as the leader of their most elite force, so they may have been early, but they are also kinda not competent. Like, an army of those got totally wrecked by the Orcs as well, while around a dozen real Paladins wrecked the Horde.
    What were we even discussing? This was 9 months ago

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    Blood elf male, both because I prefer horde and because every other male race's shoulders are absurd. BE isn't much better but it's the less insane option. Then again, their two handed melee animation is horrible.

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    BE for heritage. On my retri it's fantastic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dontrelleroosevelt View Post
    All Horde races of paladins are a fucking joke.
    What year is it, 2007?

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    Still trying to decide between blood elf and zandalari right now.

    But the main question is

    When is the alliance going to get a new race for paladins?

    I want to play an alliance paladin but humans are boring

    Draenei hoove and reversed knees are off putting.

    And i dont like the perspecive playing as a dwarf.

    Give is something new

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    I have a Paladin of every available race. Design-wise I like Draenei the most.

    I do want gnome or worgen rallies, or kul tirans.
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    The Ottomans brought civilization to Greece.
    Oh my...

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    Have one of every race combo.

    My favourite is my Tauren Paladin, but the one I like the most from a theme perspective would be Human male. Too bad I just cannot stand the way they run.
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    Currently he's a blood elf but once I unlock Zandalari I'm race changing. If/when undead can become paladins, he's going undead though!

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    There are no another race option which armors and weapons are looks awesome on it better than Human Male character, their character animations are awesome, gears looking really cool on them, so I am Human Male Paladin.

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