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    My assumptions:
    -I don't know the kids
    -I don't live in an apartment so it's not my home but I'll assume it's in my area
    -I don't have time to get to my truck which has a fire mask and fire extinguisher in it because I'm a paranoid prepper
    -I'm on a floor too high to throw them out the window

    Since it's my neighborhood I'd check (quick glance) if it was in fact a meth lab and about to blow up, in which case I'd deuce with the one kid. Not a meth lab and no mask? Deuce, smoke inhalation is what will be my downfall not the fire, can't help if I'm not awake. If I had my mask I'd risk it, it's my neighborhood so that apartment is going to be well under 1000 SqFt and a quick clear. If there was a lot of debris because it's my neighborhood and that 1000 SqFt was cluttered af I'd deuce even with the mask. So I guess the answer to the question is I'd do as much as I safely could. Like others have said I'm not a hero, I'll help but I'm not dying for strangers, kid or not.

    Thanks for asking this though I think I'll invest in a fire blanket too for the truck.
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    There are no wrong answers so you say so I just watch the world burn, cause some people just want too..

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    If i hear screaming/crying id get out find the closest fireman and tell him/her that i heard screaming/crying children at x floor Y apartment.
    "The world doesnt need a hero, it needs a professional"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aphrel View Post
    If i hear screaming/crying id get out find the closest fireman and tell him/her that i heard screaming/crying children at x floor Y apartment.
    "The world doesnt a hero, it needs a professional"
    This is te best possible response imo. Call the Fire Brigade and let the professionals do their work.

    Who wants to be a hero with third degree burns for the rest of his life.
    Your income seldom exceeds your personal development.

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    If I am already that close to the one child, I would grab them and rush out as a min. Maybe try to save some more. Would depend on what I think my chances would be. There is a time one needs to know when they can not save someone.

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    I turn back time, and prevent the fire from ever happening.
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    Opinions can't be right or wrong. That's what makes them opinions.

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    I think I'd try to help the kids. It has nothing to do with heroism and everything to do with self preservation of my mind. I've been around someone who burned to death. That stayed with me, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to help. I couldn't live with myself knowing that children burned to death when I could have possibly done something about it.
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    Save as many as I can, even if it's just the one kid I find - simply because I'm not a self-important arse.

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    Are we talking....

    I remember it as plain as day
    Although it happened in the dark of the night.
    I was strolling through the streets of Paris
    And it was cold it was starting to rain.
    And then I heard a piercing scream
    And I rushed to the scene of the crime
    But all I found was the butchered remains
    Of two girls lay side by side.

    Murders in the Rue Morgue here? Well... First off Don't go near the Bodies. Don't want that blood on my hands. Ironmaiden FTW!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Celista View Post
    My initial response was to want to be a hero, but even small rooms can be very hazardous to navigate in fires. Pieces of wood fall to block the doorway; rooms fill with smoke. If you watch videos of fires you can see how quickly it can spread to the point that you cannot escape...and without equipment, passing out from smoke inhalation is another threat.

    Would be interesting to read a firefighter's opinion on whether or not it is worthwhile to search for other survivors, although each situation is different. My guess is that they would prefer people wait for them to show up.
    I've been in a fire once, the firemen (in the UK at least) really don't like it when people try to play hero, probably because people underestimate what smoke does to you and almost always die

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