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    Combat Rogue + Brewmaster = a drunken pirate that can tank.
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    I just want a Ranged Rogue, maybe a mix of MM Hunter and Rogue. Stealth/Vanish AND Ranged attacks = Heaven for me!
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    Demo warlock + Vengeance DH. Tanking with demon pets to help. Would be pretty cool.

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    Ret+Prot+Holy pally with Titan's Grip for 2hand+Shield

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    I'd like to see us to be able to play every class as a single character. Aside from that... Some good ideas in the thread, but somethings I don't think Blizzard could ever pull off.
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    Prot pally - Fire Mage. Destiny Sunbreaker.

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    I really liked the skill system of Guild Wars 1. So something like that would be cool as well...


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    Blood DK + havoc DH. Havoc Meta would be OP for tanks with the 70% leech

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    maybe affliction warlock and warrior.

    gen 1 dk, basically.

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    I would combine Destruction Warlock and Vengeance Demonhunter.

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    I would go Windwalker Brewmaster myself. Assuming encounter ballance stays the same you really don't need more tankyness so having a dps spec combined with a tank spec would be most ideal and Windwalker/brewmaster is the combo I see working out the best for the following reasons.

    Tiger palm would act as a chi generator and as a brew refresher.

    Windwalker dps would love more high damage CDs so it doesn't have to tiger palm into blackout kick to maintain hit combo and most of brewmasters damage comes from kegsmash. Heck you could probably take blackout kick off of your bars tbh.

    Blackout combo and face palm would make tiger palm actually do good damage which would be a huge boon for windwalker.

    Hit combo would be almost trivial to maintain with so many abilities.

    Touch of karma would be a god tier defensive cd with brewmaster's large healthpool.

    Assuming you get both tallent trees you would get both chi torpedo and celerity for all of the movement.

    One of brewmasters biggest weaknesses is Innitial AoE threat. Windwalker would trivialize this.

    In all honesty, windwalker is probably the best paring for any melee class except for maybe survival hunter thanks to their mastery.

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    I would combine Shadow Priest and Arms Warrior.

    My main is Shadow Priest and I personally always liked the idea of being more of a Dark Knight rather than a caster with said powers.

    Ren'dorei Priest

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    Destro lock with disc and shadow priest

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    Battle Priest...take a Shockadin and add some disc in there. That would be fun.

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    As a rogue i'd love to play a sniper kind of character, so MM+Subtley maybe... but MM+Assa will also work, poisoned arrows, barbed shots...

    And i love the idea of outlaw+brewmaster... drunken pirate tank.
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    My mix probably would be something like Elemental Hunter or Elemental Druid.

    Elemental Hunter concept - Using nature spells and Elemental pets.

    Elemental Druid - using different Elemental forms to Tanking, Range & Melee DPSing or Healing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iconja View Post
    Hey everyone let me preface this by saying this isn't a ''TINKER CONCEPT 2 ELECTRIC BOOGALOO'' or another ''MY IDEAS FOR 4TH SPECS'' thread,

    This is just for fun,

    If you could multiclass, or multispec what would you pick?

    My pick would be Arcane mage + Marksmanship Hunter / Arms Warrior / Outlaw Rogue

    Arcane Archer, Battlemage, or Arcane Pirate sounds amazing if you ask me.

    How about yours? You more about being OP or filling a niche fantasy that current classes and specs can't? Let me know!

    EDIT: Let's keep it so say... 2 specs or classes at a time, shall we?
    Shadowpriest and Demon Hunter.

    1. The Edginess would be real
    3. Shadowform + Metamorphosis sounds rad
    4. Combination of Void and Fel can only result in something awesome

    Would actually be an interesting concept for me:
    - Be a ranged caster until your Insanity reaches 100 (which would take longer than now), instead of activating void form your activate metamorphosis and go into melee for as long as metamorphosis is active. At the end use Retreat to go back to range and build Insanity again.
    As an alternative you also have Voidform for continuous ranged damage but it would result in less damage overall than switching between range/melee.

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    Paladin Warlock.

    That was my first idea when I heard about a private server doing something similar.

    Voidwalker pet, wings, dots, weaving shadow and light to build holy soul shards, some kind of metamorphosis where you turn into a corrupted Val’kyr and get tons of new bursty skills.

    Come to think of it, Demon Hunter might work better. To give us the mobility we so desperately need. Become what Xe’ra wanted Illidan to become.
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