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    Quote Originally Posted by Maljinwo View Post
    If we are bringing back the AU Orcs, all I can ask for is for a racial that mirrors their terribly planed invasion of Azeroth

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    I legit laughed in public. Well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rorcanna View Post
    Oh joy, so the Alliance "but we helped like good little boys!!!!"-wailing continues...

    Seriously, where did the idea that Orcs would join the Alliance even come from in the first place?
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    Rather Grom then Sylvanas.

    If Sylvanas get dethroned, someone got to take her place as the Warchief, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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    Still hoping they add at least some reason to like him in the allied race intro scenario. "Yeah he learned about the whole time travel thing and how he was manipulated by Garrosh and totally turned a new leaf. He's been hard at work mending fences with the Frostwolves, cleaning out the leftover demons and rebuilding Draenor ever since you left. The draenei took off on some ship called the "Exodar" and we haven't seen them since."

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    What exactly is not to like about an orc that can unite clans under his banner and one shot a demon lord?

    This Grom is a bit similar to Sarevok from Baldur's Gate (also voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson), who is the main villain of the first game, but in BG2's expansion pack he comes back and can be recruited as a powerful ally. Both characters are very honor bound although Sarevok was pure evil.
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