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    That applies to quest NPCs, heroes and elites though, those are regular NPCs and they are both labeled Stormsong Traders, so they should be using normal scaling or at least the same scale relative to each other.

    Sure, this could be a temporary error or work in progress since we're in Alpha. It's all cool, nobody's crucifying Blizzard about it. Doesn't mean it shouldn't be brought up and discussed. I don't understand the no input mentality mixed with superiority complexes.

    The NPCs in the video look smaller, but they are also from an earlier version of the game, the first play through at Blizzcon, and it could be the perspective and movement that hides their size, I'm not sure (I'm inclined to think they ARE smaller from most angles though). If they're close in size or +/- one head taller than the 1.80 m regular human, they should look fine.

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    One thing I can say about Kul'Tirans, love them or hate them you have to admit that if they are the symmetrical counterpoint to the mag'har for the horde, the horde wins this round of allied races by a landslide.

    The horde gets multiple clans of badass killing machines and the alliance get... "body positivity." Whoopdeedoo. Mag'Har are objectively superior, and I say that as a mainly alliance player!

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