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    Quote Originally Posted by CreatureLives View Post
    I do think it's supposed to still be a work in progress in storyline. I think the idea is that the Horde is attacking them while they are still rebuilding it.

    Stromgarde also is basically being built by Stormwind but I can't imagine Anduin telling Danath he can have half of his people so maybe it's also not necessary to have so many homes just yet since Stromgarde isn't what it once was. It was literally a entire Kingdom at one point. 2 houses does seem silly though, I get that, but there is no place in WoW that looks like it should.

    That said, some houses were added outside of Stromgarde too if that makes it any better.
    Many of Stromgarde's survivors were at Refuge Pointe and there surely was more than just two houses of people there. The model of the entire keep is less complex overall and most of what made it interesting has been removed, while only a few flattened-out areas remain within the walls.

    A rebuilt one is a lot better than a ruined one from a story perspective, but still; I had hopes they'd keep at least some of the layout and that they'd add other buildings which aren't necessarily meant to provide elements for warfronts. If they wanted warfront elements only, then they could've plastered together a custom base once again and be done with it. Some houses, a chappel, an inn and so on would've given it much more flavour.
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    whole place gives me the garrison WoD vibe for some reason lol.

    I wonder... The WHOLE zone is being upgraded. If it's just for warfronts, then hopefully it means players are run across the WHOLE map and not just clumped at Stormgarde. Could be pretty awesome.

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    Wasn't the zone called Arathi Highlands? Why are there so many trees all of a sudden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imperium Romanum View Post
    Posting again because the last post was lost while being edited.

    As it was said, the idea that Stromgarde can sustain itself as a Duchy or a Kingdom in its own seems impossible. The Syndicate, the Forsaken and Galen's folly decimated most of the citizens and Stromgarde is at best represented by a small force. That force could turn into an elite guard nonetheless. Naturally, Stormwind buildings reign because story wise, Stormwind should be including the region into the Kingdom's Duchies/Principalities/Exarchates.

    To further liken the link, Danath Trollbane is better to be placed as the Governor Lord of Stromgarde and the Arathi. After all, the link with the past must be kept.

    As for the Keep itself, it looks like it is turned fully for military purposes, suggesting an expansion. During Sttomgarde's fall, all houses in the area were abandoned with Northfold being the sole link in Stromgarde sovereignty, along with the Pointe. Nowadays, the Highlands are repopulated off the walls, and many of the areas are strategically fortified. Without a doubt, something for Stromgarde will occur at a later point too, as it is the only Human Kingdom not having a fortunate development.
    Yeah, it's more of a large Stormwind military base rather than a separate kingdom like before. But bringing this back at all means so much to the Humans. Not only does it make sense because it strengthens their northern presence but it also represents hope. Bringing something so important back from the dead. And maybe one day it'll grow back to what it once was but right now it's not there yet. That's why the place is somewhat empty.

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