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  • Kill Sylvanas

    56 27.72%
  • Get High Elves

    58 28.71%
  • Blood Elves are already High Elves.

    88 43.56%
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    I don't want high elves and Sylvanas hasn't been interesting in a long time. I vote kill her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    Quickest way to lose your job at Blizzard on orientation day.
    Haha! Nice.

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    Alliance got High Elves. They just happen to be massive Emos. At least it's a relatable trait to the faction's players.

    I kid, I kid. Maybe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highwhale View Post
    Kill Sylvanas and burn remaining High Elves. You can burn Vareesa and Alleria too.

    Pity no one finished what Arthas started back in W3.

    Also can we burn Thallysra and rest of Nightborne? And Blood Elves?
    Damn DK's keep resurrecting Garithos

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    Kill Sylvanas

    I'd rather kill Sylvanas than get playable ogres, ethereals, krokul and naga combined because it would mean i could finally go back to playing Horde again

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    Kill high elves
    Quote Originally Posted by TheRacoon View Post
    Thanks for secret leak
    Quote Originally Posted by Julisel View Post
    Very very thanks !

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    There are no alliance players on mmochamp, do this poll on reddit.

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