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    They fixed it so you can't cancel your melee animation to get more strikes in, also reduced her verticle stun bash leap. People were melee-shield-melee to get in extra hits. Also there is extra time after the shield bash before you can melee as it was being used not as intended.

    Now if you cancel the animation you cant throw another strike until after your original strike animation would of ended.

    I remember in the DCU mmo people were abusing the animation cancelation to turn were-gorillas into wrecking balls.

    I'm also looking at this picture of Bridge welding the gauntlet that she is wearing and I think it might be a bad call to weld something you are currently wearing without proper eye-wear on.
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    If you push a button that finds you a 'random group' and it gives you a random group of people with random skill and random knowledge then you have no right to complain that a 'random group' button did what it was designed to do. The fault lies in your inability to make friends to play with instead of relying on a button designed to be random. It is a 'random group' button, not a 'best of the best' button.

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    So I suddenly have the urge to return and main support instead of tank

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    I want to see if the helmet is down on her Máni and Sól skins, but I'm short on credits and haven't seen one pop up yet.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Update, can confirm, the helmet is not down. Missed opportunity, Blizz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post

    (post above is from October 2016, if you don't want to check the source link)
    That's actually scarily close... nice lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    I was saying I mained Zen. For exactly that reason.

    Birgitte seems like she'll be a great fit for when that's not ideal, for me. May even replace Zen as my go-to main, though he'll probably always be my favorite "stay back and poke" healer.

    I gotchya sorry I misunderstood entirely was running on low amount of rest

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