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    967 Enhancement Shaman LFG in Mythics

    Hi, I'm Jamby. I play an Enhancement Shaman and have done 11/11H multiple times (and usually in the top for logs). However, I am on Alliance and want to transfer to Horde (been wanting to play Horde for AWHILE now).

    Time Available:
    Looking to raid around 2 nights a week (preferably at the beginning of weekly reset around 7pm-12am EST).


    Contact Info:
    B.Net: jamby#1997
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    <Nightborn> is a guild on the Area – 52 server. We raid on Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:00pm - 11:00pm EST. Our current progression is 3/11M Antorus.

    What the Guild Expects from you: The ideal applicant is self-driven, researches their class, and continuously strives to improve performance. Present in Discord during raids with (DBM or Big Wigs) and RCLootcouncil add-on installed is mandatory. Applicant must have a solid working internet connection.

    What the Guild Will Provide you: The guild will provide repairs, food, and flasks. Loot is done by a loot council (which consists of officers and raiders). More importantly, we provide a friendly atmosphere. We are here to have fun and play together. So be prepared to listen to bad jokes on farm nights. What we need: exceptional DPS!! **We welcome all social players that will contribute to the guild atmosphere in a positive way. M+ BFA We hope to hear from you!! If interested, please contact ( Sanjin (Aztlan#1729), or Coldatron (Tangosplice #1369).

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    Still looking for a HORDE guild. I've also got quite a few other friends who are looking as well to transfer to Horde and do Mythic, Hunter, Mage, and a few others.

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