Hello, just as the Title says I am a 972 equipped resto druid looking for a new home. With my current schedule I am able to raid from 11:30pm EST. - 4:30am EST. throughout the weekdays and open availability for the weekends. I am a very dedicated player that has been playing since WOTLK and have raided at a hardcore level off and on since Cata. The reason I am looking for a new guild is that my current guild has seen alot of players drop from the roster since starting Imonar progression some to play other games and others not ready to raid at the intensity that we were. I am open to raiding anywhere from 2 - 4 nights a week if need be with 100% attendance if within my raid availability. I am competent in playing Resto/Boomkin while I am trying to pick up Guardian as well. I would really like to stick with Resto as I have many of the BIS pieces but would consider another role if needbe. I would like to find a drama free guild and would possibly look into faction switching to Alliance for the right guild. I am currently on Illidan so I would prefer to stay on the server but would leave for the right guild as well.

Since I am not able to post URL, my character is Dortzui on Illidan.