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    I don't know if it's a nostalgic thing but spriest just always felt off to me when devouring plague was removed. Wod was a decent time though.
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    I give up, if you think spriests are a bit on the strong side for m+ then this discussion is over really.
    Again, the reason you fail to comprehend why everyone hates this spec is because you literally just focus on raiding, even as you try to argue with people that the spec is fine and everyone else is wrong all you keep saying is that they do good in raids. It's not just comprehending why we hate it that you struggle with, its basic reading comprehension. People hate the spec because it's poorly designed for literally anything outside of 40+ stack voidforms.

    No one is talking about number performance, they are talking about basic mechanics that just do not work outside of raiding, the entire spec revolves around high ramp up voidform stacks in a game that outside of raiding is all about front loaded damage.

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    @Clearcut even in raiding, with pre-potting and early lust, front loaded damage has an advantage. I've had several occasions where I was standing around spamming flay to finally get into Void Form while lust was already running. On longer fights that eventually averages out - assuming you don't have to much too much. So even with raiding there is strong dependence on the boss mechanics and whenever they're favorable.
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    Shadow feels the clunkiest it ever has.

    For the record I LIKED our TBC dps and mana battery role. I also liked that breif time in wrath where DK's pestilence spread our devouring plague.
    Then again I miss real talent trees. which we'll never see again.

    For the record you don't want a 4th spec... it'll be some stupid monkish melee spec like other RPGs have and I think disc was supposed to originally.
    What will happen is at times in the future It'll become the flavor of the month, "go to" spec and priests will end up standing in melee/fire doing melee damage, the exact reason we play a ranged caster and not a melee will be gone. Be careful of what you wish for...
    I liked a lot of the synergy we had in Wrath. Like the pestilence/devouring plague synergy you mentioned. Or how arms warriors could increase a feral druid's dps and make their rotation easier by auto applying the mangle bleed debuff with their crits.
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